Why isn't hate speech allowed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hooie, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Oi why is hate speech not allowed? If my opinion is that group x should be hated, literally any expression of that is prevented.

    This vague definition can lead to anyone and everyone being prevented from actual expression

    For example, if you hate rapists, you aren't technically allowed to say anything like "all rapists should die", nor even "I hate all rapists for being rapists"

    You can't say that you hate pedophiles, that you hate those who your religion deems sinful, and this becoming law is a scary thought

    Because ultimately, the upper class is a group. This gives them the right to shut you up when insulting a group.

    They WILL abuse it

    And before you say **** about it being specified if it is made legal, that doesn't matter.

    I personally don't give two ***** if an asian woman tells me that all white men should die or some **** like that

    Her right to expressing her opinion regarding me should be protected

    Whether or not I agree is irrelevant

    Whether or not it's "hateful" is irrelevant

    Ultimately, emotions like hate are not immoral

    But they are treated as immoral and unjust

    Illogical? Sure. Immoral and must be prohibited? Not at all.

    Whenever I try and bring up this debate, people are quick to respond with "If you allow a hateful group of people to express themselves, they will spread their ideas!!!"

    And I'm just sitting there, dumbfounded at how that's a bad thing.

    If the idea is easily disproven and no one would logically believe it, no one will logically believe it.

    People usually bring up the nazis when I say this, but they always forget that Hitler did lie and basically enforced an opinion

    No one had a CHOICE on agreeing with it
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