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    Welcome cosmonauts , Recently we have added some new enchants and there has been a vast amount of questions about them. So in addition to an explanation of the new enchants I will also be listing all the current enchants that the server provides , just for the strategists among you.


    Armor Enchantments

    Deathbringer is an armor based enchant that packs a punch. The enchantment is designed to double your damage, and can be extremely useful for getting those quick kills or making those players run .The enchant only has a certain percentage of activating depending on the enchant's level.

    Opposite to the Deathbringer enchant , this Enchantment is designed to tank hits while still being able to pvp properly. Enlightened is designed to activate based on a percentage (also depending on the enchant level) and heals you a certain amount of hearts upon taking damage.

    Similar to Enlightened, Implants is designed to heal you however it will replenish nutrition as well as health. The catch to this enchant is that it will only activate upon movement (not jumping) and only activates based on the level of the enchant.*Can only be added on Helmets*

    The enchant for the master assassin or simply a lazy miner xD. This enchant gives you the ability to see in the dark allowing your enemies to no longer hid in the shadows. *Can only be added on helmets*

    Frozen is designed for the ultimate strafer. This enchant puts the slowness potion effect on any attacking enemies allowing you to easily dip , dodge and swing . The enchants probability of activating is affected by the enchantment's level.

    This enchant is for you runners out there , or those of you whom do not want to waste a hotbar space for speed potions. Gears gives you the potion effect of speed and depending on the level of the enchant it can give you speed 1, speed 2 and even speed 3 !*Can only be added to boots*

    Ever felt the sudden desire to become a kangaroo ? Well if you have then this is your enchant!
    This enchant gives the jump boost effect and can launch you up to 2.5 blocks ! *Can only be added on boots*

    This enchant is for the player that doesn't mind doing their own dirty work but still needs some help in doing so. This enchant grants the health Boost potion effect and increases the amount of hearts you receive with each level with a maximum increase of 6 hearts!

    This enchantment stops players from running away from battles allowing you to finish the kill. The enchant gives the poison enchant effect and effect a players sprint.

    When ever a player using this enchantment is hit it will engulf the opposing player in flames teaching the consequences of playing with fire .

    -=Obsidian Shield=-
    With this enchant you can really put a new meaning into the term "Hot Tub". This enchant gives the player a permanent fire resistance status effect that lets you fulfill the ultimate dream of swimming in lava.

    Ever the desire to make your oppenent forget how to swing their weapon ? Well thats impossible but with this enchant you can get much closer to that reality. When attacked by another player the enchant will have a potential to activate giving the attacker mining fatigue.
    *Can only be added to a chestplate*

    Ever grasping at straws to escape a fight alive ? Then this enchant is for you. The Endershift enchant gives the player an huge increase in speed and a few extra hearts to run away.
    *Can only be added to a Helmet.*

    Chestplate Enchant
    Max Level: 5
    Lead your allies into battle and inspire them to victory! This enchant gives nearby allies Haste effect activated by its spectacular blue particles.

    Max Level: 5
    Not going down without a fight! This enchant allows you to last just a little bit longer with a chance of increasing Damage Resistance when activated.

    Helmet Enchant
    Be one with your aquatic surroundings, hunt down your enemies who try to use the water as a means to escape. They have nowhere to hide now! Aquatic allows you to breath underwater indefinitely so long as it remains firmly atop your head

    -=Spirit Link=-
    Standing tall and proud with your fellow faction members and allies you are a tank sustaining the most hits a percentage of damage that you incur is transferred as extra health those members very nearby.

    -=Self Destruct=-
    The final moments, the last stand, when you know that you have fought a good fight but that last blow is inevitable; Self Destruct activates with what little essence you have left, you are surrounded by TnT in a massive explosion damaging those around you.

    -=Anti Gravity=-
    Meant for super high jumps (such as accessing more difficult to reach areas). Anti Gravity is a passive mobility enchant that even at Level I gives a higher jump than max springs. Be warned though, it can also give fall damage.

    As the battle comes close to the end, in your final breaths this enchant, when activated by low HP, gives a static damage resistance potion effect.

    No longer will you have to stock up on large quantities of steak or stew, with Nutrition you will enjoy a 1.2x-2x normal hunger replenishment when eating.

    Summon the ancients and push your enemies back. With this armour enchant you have the chance of pushing back your attacker by a few blocks when attacked giving you the opportunity to gather your wits and funnel your adrenaline. Combined with Ender Shift this is a force to be reckoned with.

    A kiss of death that keeps on giving. This legging enchant has a chance of dealing wither on your attacker. You don't have to sit down and take that, stand up and make a point.

    Armor Enchant
    The ultimate in defensive gear. This takes fight over flight to a whole new level combining a triple whammy featuring, with every hit, the chance to activate three enchants, strength, resistance, and slow. Steam roll through your opponents like a hot knife through butter.

    Max. Level: 2
    Created with the Parkour King in mind, this enchant encompasses the love of all things cacti right down to a snazzy cactus particle effect! Functioning like thorns, this enchant will inflict damage on those who attack you; however, does not affect your armor durability!

    -=Rocket Escape=-
    Max. Level: 3
    The countdown has begun! You're in your final throws of battle and at that last moment they think they have you. When you think you have nothing left this enchant blasts you into the atmosphere, several blocks in the air, allowing you the opportunity to get away!


    Max. Level: 10
    Bring your backup wherever you go on the battlefield! This enchant has a chance of spawning 1-2 personal Iron Golem Guardians that, depending on your enchantment level, could be buffed with higher HP, speed, regeneration, strength and more. Guardians cannot be killed by the wearer and do not drop mob loots.

    Just as it says, this enchant makes things a wee bit tipsy, players will be slowed down a bit when hit as this enchant gives slowness and slow swinging and with a chance to give confusion when damaged at high levels!

    -=Plague Carrier=-
    Your secret hidden until the final throws of battle. When the final swing connects a fury of condemnation engulfs your attacker and an army of creepers seek to avenge you!

    -=Ender Walker=-
    Reminiscent of the occult it takes only the very focused to master the Ender. When subjected to poison or wither effect the wearer of this enchant is not damaged by wither nor poison and even has a chance of regaining health but it comes at a cost, waves of blindness while you maneuver your way through the shadow dimension.

    The ultimate price, in your last moments you give your nearby allies and truces the breath of life; refilling their health completely! Not to worry about your enemies getting their hands on this precious enchant, on your death, the armor that carries this enchant, vanishes never to be worn again!

    Do not underestimate the power of Mother Nature! When activated the storm caller will summon the wrath of the gods in a lightning strike on your attacker!

    Like a blessing from above! Angelic has a chance of breathing life into your final moments giving you a chance at regen when you are low on HP.

    I put a spell on you! This enchant has gained Hardened's old ability and has a chance of of giving up to Weakness II on your attacker.

    Like melding bedrock into the very core of your best custom set, Hardened now decreases durability loss.

    This take teamwork to a whole new level! This enchant increases the damage you give based on the number of faction mates you have nearby! Who's up for a little warp pvping?

    -=Smoke Bomb=-
    Someone got you backed into a corner? Worried that the final swing is coming your way? We've got you covered! This enchant gives your enemies slowness and blindness when you are near death giving you the opportunity to duck away into the shadows!

    This enchant is a must have! Players boasting the lucky enchant will find themselves collectively more lucky in their encounters.

    -=Undead Ruse=-
    When proced, this enchant summons your fallen comrades and you are hidden in the horde for the enemy that procs it for a few seconds.

    -=Blood Lust=-
    Blood Lust is a legendary enchant that works in synergy with bleed. The more enemies that are bleeding the more regen the wielder gains.

    Max Level 5
    Gives a healthy buff to all nearby allies. Keep your friends close

    Max Level 5
    Every mercenary needs that emergency back up. Things getting a little too close for comfort? This enchant will debuff and damage all nearby enemies.

    Max Level 4
    On proc this sneaky enchant will afflict your enemies with slowness and fatigue.


    Weapon Enchantments

    Ever felt like taking a trophy home after a solid kill ? Well now you can, this enchant allows enemy heads to be dropped upon death . The enchantments probability of activating increases with each level increasing up to 99%.

    Don't like to waste time on health potions ? With this enchant you can heal while maintaining a steady stream of damage to the opponent. The Vampire enchantment takes half the damage dealt and gives it to back to you. The probability of the effect occuring increases with each level of enchant.

    Ever wanted to walk into battle knowing you won't have to watch your hearts? well then you're in luck , this enchant gives you half a heart every time the enchant is activated (depends on enchant level)

    -=Double Strike=-
    If you want to always get the last hit in then Double Strike is the lore enchant for you , Double strike allows the player to hit twice in a single succession doing massive damage and ending lives

    -=Deep Wounds=-
    Personally I love to make my enemies suffer , this enchant creates a greater chance at a "bleed" effect and at the highest level (III) it will cause a wither effect allowing them to die , slowly .

    -=Thundering Blow=-
    The enchant that literally strikes your opponents from the heavens. This enchant creates a damaging lightning bolt that strikes the enemy doing massive armor damage.

    This enchant not only causes annoyance but also replenishes nutrition greatly. The enchant gives a poison effect to whomever you are attacking.

    -=Ice Aspect=-
    The only Enchant that can make your enemies feel completely disoriented. This enchant causes slowness potion effects on the enemy and at level III can cause the players screen to zoom in 1.5x.

    This enchant brings a literal meaning to the phrase "pulling the wool over their eyes" This enchant causes the enemy to contract the blindness potion effect and can be seriously deadly.

    For those of you original pvpers this enchant is perfect for the block hitting pvp strategy. Block not only increases you chance at redirect damage from mcmmo and can do massive damage if timed correctly.

    Bleed now applies bleed stacks to enemies. The more stacks applied to an enemy the slower they move and more blood particles are shed! In combination with the other two new enchantments in this update, Bleed becomes a lethal enchantment.

    Max. level: 5
    Strength + Mining Fatigue: The perfect balance of brute force that comes at a cost of swing speed. This is not a constant but has a chance of being activated when in use.

    Axe Enchant
    Max Level: 7
    Felt for miles, Cleave works like swipe and affects all your enemies within a radius. Taking care of a 2v1? Cleave is that secret weapon you want to have in your tool belt to fend off those foes!

    Sword Enchant
    Max Level: 4
    For all you super grinders out there, Inquisitive embellishes all that you can learn from mob grinding giving you more exp orbs per mob death. This enchant ONLY works when you have a sword equipped so make sure you're armed and ready!

    Light on your feet, this baby gives you the ability to swing with the speed of a cheetah. Enjoy a chance at a burst of haste when pvping giving you that edge over your opponent!

    Max. level: 4
    Regain Hunger: When activated this enchant will assist you in regaining some hunger so you can focus more on wrecking your opponent!

    Max. level: 3
    Nausea: Let's make things interesting shall we? Using this enchant has a chance of subjecting your victim with nausea!

    Max. level: 10
    Durability Protection: A passive enchant that boasts super durability protection! At the max level approximately 80% of your strikes give zero impact on the durability of your axe.

    Max. level: 3
    Negate Debuff: A passive enchant that has the chance of healing you, the attacker, from the effects of debuffs.

    Max. level: 3
    Headless for Axes: Probably the most requested enchant for axes! Now you can slay your opponent and return with their dismembered head as a prize!

    In one effortless swing obliterate your opponent launching them across the warzone! Ultra knockback giving you a little extra breathing space.

    -=Skill Swipe=-
    Sword Enchant
    With every swing of your sword you get the chance to steal some of your enemy's xp! Maxing out at level 5 (with a max of 10xp per proc) you can grind your way through the warzone like it's your own personal mob grinder!

    Sword Enchant
    The perfect addition to your OP set this enchant, when proc'd, gives the user a chance to stop the activation of their opponent's custom enchants!

    The power to avoid rest! This enchant gives slowness, slow swinging, and confusion. However has a chance to multiply damage by 2x!

    Sword Enchant
    Mischievous and vexing this enchant has a slight chance of removing a single piece of armor from your opponent at low health and placing it in their inventory (note if the player's inventory is full it will drop the item on the ground at their feet) leaving them vulnerable while they fumble to re-equip.

    Sword Enchant
    The final strike, a devastating blow! This enchant gives you an unbridled strength buff when your enemy is low on health! Finish him!

    Sword enchant
    Hyper focused and unforgiving this enchant increases durability loss on your enemy's armor. A must have for every true pvp'er on the battlefield.

    Great at pvp? Think you can combo your way through the battlefield? This enchant increases damage given with every consecutive strike!

    When activated this bad boy gives a particle and sound effect based on it's enchant level!
    Epicness I - In a Poof of feathers (or smoke but y/k) a chicken mocks your target!
    Epicness II - Slime particles and Slime hopping sounds knock your opponent off kilter!
    Epicness III - Summon the scream of the ghast with evil particles showing your opponent who's boss!

    Like to cripple your opponent? This enchant Strikes Lightning , Slows, and gives Mining Fatigue to the player hit!

    Would you like to trap your opponent, giving them no chance to move? Trap has a chance to freeze the opponent, giving you time to strike!

    Bring your backup wherever you go on the battlefield! This enchant has a chance of spawning 1-2 personal fire elemental minions that, depending on your enchantment level, could be buffed with higher HP, speed, regeneration, strength and more.

    Devour is a legendary enchant that works in synergy with Bleed. The more Bleed stacks on your enemy the more damage done per strike with Devour!


    Bow Enchants

    This brand NEW bow enchant allows you to demolish a player without dealing with the burden of armor. This enchant Deals damage directly to a players hearts ignoring any protection given by the armor. To the marksman of you , this could possibly change all your tactics.

    This also NEW enchant allows players a complete new strategy to bring into battle. Are your teammates hurting for health and seem to be at their wits end ? Lend a brother a hand and shot them a few times with this bow enchant. This enchants gives the player the ability to shot their teammates in order to replenish health.

    Fire exploding cows from across the warzone complete with ambient Mooing! (Not even kidding here xD )

    That's right we're spicing things up with bows. Explosive applies a brief fleeting moment of wither combined with an explosive aspect that will blow your mind!

    Reach out and touch someone. Make an impression from across the warzone with this poison enchant that leaves a lasting impression!

    Max. Level: 5
    Have your faction members and allies at the ready! This bow enchant operates just like any other bow against your enemies; however, in the heat of the moment aim your cross hairs on an ally or faction member to be instantly teleported to their location.

    Impale your foes with fire inducing arrows that burst on impact! This new custom enchant is the perfect weapon of choice for you sharp shooters out there!

    -=Ice Freeze=-
    Chasing your opponent? This enchant gives you the chance to freeze your enemy in place, giving you time to catch up!

    The enchant that literally strikes your opponents from the heavens. This enchant creates a damaging lightning bolt that strikes the enemy doing massive armor damage.

    Max Level 5
    Harness the power of all things naughty transforming your arrow into an explosive fireball with zero gravity (meaning it doesn't drop altitude when flying across the map.)

    Max Level 5
    If you're a sharpshooter with an eagle eye this enchant is for you, when proc'd you have the ability to inflict up to 3.5x damage with a head shot!

    Max Level 4
    Archers are meant to be skilled from a distance, and Ragdoll will help you keep that healthy distance. When injurred/damaged, this enchant will push you back and away from your enemy!

    Tool Enchants

    Max Level: 5
    Pickaxe Enchant
    Time to add a little finesse, like inquisitive but for pickaxes making your mining experience more lucrative!

    Max Level: 4
    Tool Enchant
    You no longer have to worry about dropping entities, like it knows, when this enchant procs, the items dropped while hard at work are immediately placed in your inventory. *Note: This enchant does not pick up items that were broken due to explosive effects.

    Max Level: 1
    Tool Enchant
    Enjoy using ocean defenses? This is a must have for all underwater work refilling your oxygen levels when breaking blocks under water.

    -=Auto Smelt=-
    Max Level: 3
    Pickaxe Enchant
    Talk about simplifying the smelting process. With a max level of 3 Auto Smelt automatically smelts ores when proc'd and gives a little extra boost with each level increase.

    Level 1: Gather one ingot every time it activates
    Level 2: Gather two ingots every time it activates
    Level 3: Guaranteed activation throughout your mining experience and gives 3 ingots per ore mined.

    Max Level: 9
    Tool Enchant
    This enchant makes your work a little more explosive! Ready to clear out an area? This enchant will provide an explosive effect when activated making your job that much quicker!

    Max Level: 3
    Tool Enchant
    Would you like to mine a bit faster? This enchant gives you the Haste effect, letting you swing faster!

    -=Obsidian Destroyer=-
    Max Level: 5
    Do you hate mining Obsidian? I know I do! This enchant gives you a chance to instantly break obsidian!

    -=Currently Disabled Enchants=-

    These are enchants that were disabled due to maintenance and will hopefully make their way back into the server

    *Anvil Armour

    Custom TNT
    Creates a poisonous Poof of rebuffs

    Explodes in a much larger radius

    A fiery explosion, pyromaniacs rejoice


    Increases changes of spawner drops


    A more dense, dangerous explosion

    All blocks take 2x durability damage for 15s


    Repeats explosion every 5s for 15s

    Explosion only affects mob spawners

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