Dungeon Planet Map #8: Reset Crate, Reset Tools

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    Greetings Cosmonauts!

    Reset Booster Crate
    The Reset Booster Crate has been revamped to include more specialty items including the new Reset Toolkit!

    All ranks below tier 5 will receive the following:
    Reset Tool Kit including Atomic Detonate Pick, Axe, and Spade
    500 mcMMO credits
    $250,000 Space Cash
    100,000 XP​

    Those ranked Tier 5 and above will receive the following:
    Mystery /cc
    Reset Tool Kit including Atomic Detonate Pick, Axe and Spade
    800 mcMMO vouchers
    $500,000 Space Cash
    100,000 XP
    1x Godly Chest
    2x Item Name Tag
    2x Lore Crystals
    3x Transmog Scrolls
    5x Faction Crystals​

    Reset Toolkit
    The Reset Toolkit is a chest which provides you with a decked out Pickaxe, Axe, and Spade for the start of the Map.

    Reset Pickaxe:
    Efficiency VI
    Unbreaking III
    Fortune II
    Atomic Detonate
    Auto Smelt​

    Reset Axe:
    Efficiency VI
    Unbreaking III
    Fortune II
    Atomic Detonate
    Auto Smelt​

    Reset Spade:
    Efficiency VI
    Unbreaking III
    Fortune II
    Atomic Detonate
    Auto Smelt​

    You can find them on the Server store. If you don't know what a Reset Booster Pack is you can read about them on the post.

    Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible on a per planet basis.

    So that everyone has the details of Dungeon Planet's Reset I've copied them for you below:


    Greetings Cosmonauts of Dungeon Planet!


    Dungeon Planet's impending update and reset is gearing up for such an amazing adventure so I figured I'd post the details for you guys today!
    *NEW* /dungeon added to /fund
    New Spawn Tunnels
    Rep Points
    Faction Points
    Core Chunks and Raiding Points
    *NEW* To the Cosmic Galaxy: Strongholds
    What you WILL keep
    What will be lost

    /dungeon added to /fund
    The fund has been updated to include /dungeons on it. If the /dungeon fund isn't completed you will NOT be able to place a dungeon portal or go into dungeon portals. The daily portals will still spawn.


    New Spawn Tunnels
    @ypperin spent several hours adding new secret spawn tunnels some with Easter-eggs perfect for spawning in a dungeon where people can't find it.

    Faction Points
    Yes, like Nebula, /f top on the planet will be based on Faction Points.

    Faction Point allocation will be multiplied as the map ages by 110% each week. This means that KOTH during week 1 will give 400 Points, week 2 will give 440 Points etc. This multiplication WILL also apply to Daily Purchasable Faction Point Limitations.

    How to obtain Faction Points:
    • Can be earned through in game events (see details below)
    • Can be purchased with in game cash (see details below)
    • Can be acquired through successfully raiding another faction's Core Chunk (based on Y level)
    • You cannot acquire Faction Points if your faction does not have a Core Chunk
    • Your Core Chunk is the first chunk claimed by your faction

    Week One: 400 Faction Points
    Guaranteed Faction Point Note acquired from the KOTH Lootbag

    Week One: 50 Faction Points
    Physical item dropped by the Conquest Chest

    Vanilla Outpost
    Week One: 5 Faction Points per hour​
    Automatically applied once captured

    End Drops:
    Week One: 1-2 Faction Points RNG Chance​
    Physical item dropped when killing mobs

    Player Placed Boss Eggs (does not scale as the map ages):
    Brood Mother: 1 Faction Points
    King Slime: 2 Faction Points
    Undead Assassin: 3 Faction Points
    Plague Bloater: 4 Faction Points
    Yijki: 5 Faction Points

    Natural Server Spawned Bosses
    (not placed by players):
    Brood Mother:
    Week One: 5 Faction Points
    King Slime:
    Week One: 10 Faction Points
    Undead Assassin:
    Week One: 15 Faction Points
    Plague Bloater:
    Week One: 20 Faction Points
    Week One: 25 Faction Points
    Physical item given to the player that inflicted the most damage

    Battlefield Boss
    Week One: 50 Faction Points
    The faction of the player that inflicts the most damage will have points automatically allocated

    Dungeon Lootbags
    Week One: 5-10 Faction Points RNG Chance
    Physical item received when opening a Dungeon Lootbag

    Faction Quests ( /f quest ):
    Week One: 50 Faction Points
    On successfully completion of all 7 days of quests

    Daily Challenges
    Week One:
    10 Faction Points for First Place
    5 Faction Points for Second Place
    2 Faction Points for Third Place​
    Physical item received once the Daily Challenge is completed

    Purchasing Faction Points with In-Game Money
    /factionpoints buy
    $100,000 per Faction Point
    Automatically allocated to the faction on purchase
    Week One: Limited to 400 Faction Points per day​
    Factions will be unable to purchase more than the daily limit however this daily limit does NOT apply to Faction Points and Faction Point Notes received from in game events such as bosses and outpost.

    Core Chunks and Raiding for Points
    The Core Chunk

    Shown by a yellow hashtag on the /f map this chunk is the first chunk claimed by a faction, is visible to anyone running /f map near a Core Chunk, and should be the most protected chunk in your claims! If another faction raids you and explodes regular TNT within the core chunk they will steal Faction Points from your faction.

    The Basics:
    • The Core Chunk is the first chunk claimed by your faction
    • To unclaim the Core Chunk you must /f unclaimall
    • The amount of points awarded on breaching the core chunk will depend on the Y level of the breach (The higher the Y the more points) maxing out at 25%
    • To gain points you MUST breach Core Chunk ABOVE Y20. If you breach below Y20 no points will be gained
    • You may not attempt to bypass losing Faction Points by unclaiming.
    • Using alternate factions to hold points is not permitted
    • Claims within three chunks of warzones will not be automatically unclaimed. Claims 4 or more chunks from warzones, regardless of the connecting chunk ownership, will be classified as raid claims and will have a 24 hr limit before they are reverted back to wilderness claims.

    Raiding for Points
    As mentioned above factions can raid for points by breaching the Core Chunk of other factions. If regular TNT is exploded within the Core Chunk a percentage of points will be given to the raiding faction. On successful breach both your faction and the faction that was breached will receive a notification in chat.


    The Basics:
    • You can raid for points by exploding Regular TNT within the Core Chunk
    • The percentage of points lost will be based on the Y level of the TNT that explodes within the Core Chunk
    • To gain points you MUST breach Core Chunk ABOVE Y20. If you breach below Y20 no points will be gained
    • If breached your faction will be placed on an 8 hr Raid Cooldown
    • You may not attempt to bypass being raided by breaching yourself.
    • Attempting to undermine the point system could result in the diqualification of your faction from the competition

    Strongholds on the Planet
    A more traditional take on Outposts, players will have the opportunity to compete for Faction Perks, Points, and OP Rewards by dominating and controlling one of the two Strongholds.

    Located at 5000x, 5000z and -5000x, -5000z Strongholds not only offer OP Loot, but some highly coveted Faction Perks worth fighting for!

    To cap a Stronghold you must mine through the wall, break the current cap, then cap it for your faction! Loot spawns within the chest in the [Sell Room]. Once controlled simply right click the [Sell Room] sign located within the stronghold as well on the exterior near the Stronghold Doors!

    Rewards (awarded per hour alternating between the Strongholds):
    Faction Points
    KOTH Loot Items
    Equipment Lootboxes​

    Faction Perks:
    Specialty Perks

    • Fly everywhere regardless of rank
    • No Key requirement to enter dungeons
    • 10% /enchanter Discount
    • No AH Tax

    Specialty Perks

    • Faction Point Multiplier on Application
    • No Coin Flip Tax
    • +10% bonus jackpot tickets
    • /stronghold sell (operates like /sell hand but for strongholds)
      • $2000/Emerald Block
      • $400/Iron Block
      • $500/Gold Block

    Strongholds are physical locations within the overworld at 5000x,5000z and -5000x,-5000z.
    • Rewards including KOTH items will be awarded in the sell room accessible by the controlling faction within the chest.
    • Rewards are awarded alternating between the two Strongholds every 1 hour
      • This means that if rewards are first awarded at Frozen Stronghold they will, in one hour, be awarded at Infernal Stronghold
    • Players must run to a Stronghold to Cap it and mine through the walls to "break" inside.
    • Players can mine through ANY exterior wall of the Stronghold
    • Blocks in the protective walls of the Stronghold have increased durability requiring 15 hits per block to break.
    • Enderpearls do not work within the Stronghold
    • Once inside players can capture the Stronghold by standing on the cap point in the center
    • The more players on a cap point the faster it caps
    • Once a faction controls a Stronghold a contesting faction must first break the cap of the previous faction then re-cap to gain control
    • The faction that controls Stronghold is able to repair the walls with normal blocks (ie: stone, stone brick etc) but not high durability blocks (such as obsidian)
    • If a player from outside a faction capping or contesting a Stronghold enters the cap zone the cap time will freeze and the Stronghold will show as contested.
    • Only faction members of the controlling faction are able to access and use [Sell Room] and Sell Signs
    • Factions are only able to control one Stronghold at a time
    • Buffs from a controlled Stronghold affect only the controlling faction and apply throughout the Planet.

    What will you WILL KEEP after the reset:
    Ranks (yes even those won from crates)
    Cosmic Effects / Trails
    Purchased F Powerboosts
    The quantity homes that you currently have available to you at the moment of reset

    What will be lost with the reset:
    Cash Balance
    Inventory/Echest/PV Contents
    Bases/Land etc
    Home locations

    So what will the last day of Carnage involve? We have put out the last updated Reset Kit that is geared and created so that all players, from Trainee to top tier rank holders, are able to participate. Drop parties, maybe a boss or two and finally, in the final hours, the warzones will be unclaimed for full map destruction!

    Don't forget!
    Vid Montage Competition closes after the planet is back up.
    Rap Battle Competition closes after the planet is back up.
    You can find the submission threads for both stickied under General :)

    Get your entries in as the winner receives a Custom Title of your choosing! That means you choose what your title will say provided it doesn't exceed 12 Characters and follows the rules of the server! (Note: Once selected and awarded you cannot change it).

    WHO WILL OWN MAP 8!?!?
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    gg hype XD
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    What timeeeeeee
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