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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Cyclician, Apr 30, 2019.

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    I really dont know how to start this post... I guess I'll just start with some complains then work my way up to the suggestions idk.
    Yeah whatever lets get started.

    So what exactly should I start with...?
    Oh yeah I know.
    What retard got KOTH removed... like...Why? Because 2 ppl cried that you could jump-boost out in Bard? Or with Bard help? Thats just retarded. I mean ok. We all know you dont care about castle planet but thats just retarded af. Whoever did this is litterally just a dumbass. Also, In cosmonaut arena u can get out by using the tower behind dropp. But that didn't get fixed aswell? So whats the reason to remove KOTH fully because you can Bard out? Oh wait. There Is no reason. (You know you could just make KOTH dropp higher so you cant do that anymore?) But I guess you dont care.

    !!Disclaimer: Everything I write is based on what I saw and got told. If KOTH just gets an update I'm sorry but since I'm pretty sure it doesn't I'll write this anyways!!

    Ok I know how to go on.
    The lack of staff and events on castle, the inabiltiy to listen to player and look at suggestions for updates.

    Yeah we have no active staff members. AFlaCIE was the last one but he got banned for staff abuse. I'll just tell you here that "staff abuse" on castle is getting recogniced way different then on other planets. We are way less strict with that ****. AFlaCIE was a good part of the community and well liked by many. He was chilled and cool but could also be mature if it had to be. "Staff abuse" in this case is literally muting some people for no reason and unmuting them again. Wow. Not like there was no long term dmg or so. Yeah whatever I actually do miss him. RIP castles pet Cat.

    The inability to listen to players. What do I mean with that? Well an admin gets on. For what reason whatsoever. People get exited ofc. I mean if an admin visits castle. Damn something important must have happened. Just as that people start suggesting things.(I'll list those later). And what happenes? No answer or "Suggest on forums" ******************************************************. Are you ******* retarded or what? Ok I guess you have not always time to take suggestions. But we all know that you wont even read the ******* posts on forums. I havent seen one post of castle updates ideas where any admin has responded or ****. So the only way to make an admin look at ideas is via chat. But yeah... guess what. They Ignore it. Bitches should get their mind up about what they want.

    So next up are the lack of updates this planet gets. One update every 2 years is way to less for a factions server. I wont even start talking about s3 that was longer then 500 days. I mean ok its vanilla. But this doesn't mean you do not have to add nothing. "Its vanilla" This argument is retarded and cannot be used anymore. Castle needs a PROPPER update. Something that brings back players. Talking about players who quit, in s6 , the current season, Misery also known as Exile who won the last two seasons have quit. And if they quit THAT means something.

    Ok so insulting admins good and stuff but do you have any ideas? Well yes. I do. So here we go.

    2 Strongholds are good but 4 are better.

    Jungle Stronghold:
    ->Gives Haste 3
    ->Increase crop growth by 50%
    ->Sell boost for Stone (1.48per 1 -> 2.96per 1)
    ->Sell boost for Cobblestone (1.02per 1 -> 2.04per 1)

    So you may ask now, what is the purpose of this stronghold. Well its simple. To make money or at least more money out of trenching a base at the beginning of a season. The Haste 3 makes it faster to trench at the first place and the cobble/stone sell boosts give way more money to faster buy spawners. The crops growth increase is for example for sugarcane/cactus farms. Also good for the beginning of a season.

    Desert Stronghold:
    ->gives 5000$ every 10minutes
    ->x2 fly boost
    ->ability to sell items your not regulary able to sell such as quarz/Ice/Packed Ice for a fair price.
    ->take no hunger at all.

    So again I will explain why I would add this stronghold. So 5000$ is not bad every 10 minutes at the start of a season. The x2 fly boost in own territory os quite cool I think because basework would get easier allot since it takes less time. That you are not able to sell quarz or the ices such as sand,gravel flint etc is bothering me quite allot actually. So why not add a stronghold for that? No hunger loss? Sounds op for pvp.

    Next up on the list we have potion enchants. And no I'm not trying to rip of custom enchants. Basically these are craftable aswell. Idk I wouldnt have found any other solution for this.

    These potions would be avalible:
    Strenght 1&2
    Speed 1&2
    Poison 1&2
    Slowness 1&2
    Weakness 1&2
    Jump boost 1&2
    Mining fatigue 1
    Regeneration 1
    Neusea 1
    Fire resistance 1

    Hm sounds like a vanity rip of smh. Ewwwwww vanity. :L

    I said craftable? Well yes.
    Diamond in the middle, pots of the potion u want to have the effect of x8 around it and u get a shard. (idk a book or smth)
    with 8 shards and another diamond gives u and snowball or idk that you can combine on an anvil to your gear/weapons for lets say lvl 1 enchantes 10lvls and lvl 2 enchantes 20 lvl.
    Basically Strenght,Speed,Jump boost, and regeneration such as Fire resistence buff you and go on armor, while the others go on the weapons and debuff the opponent.

    Hmmmm. There was something I wanted to add aswell...
    Oh yeah. I know!

    Godly Unbreaking and Godly Protection.
    I mean It does what the name says. Its basically unbreaking and protection on meth.

    This would have as result that you do not have to throw away thorns peaces anymore since thorns does durability dmg and axes do so ******* much dura dmg already aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    So again: How to obtain? Hm idk go get creative. (I dare you to make it a crate exclucive item).

    So now some smaller things I would change/add:

    /fly in all claims not only your own factions ones.
    Remove the bard stuff out off the crates. They are unneeded and noone uses bard anyways. I only know blubb that he uses it a bit.
    Remove depth 1-3 from crates. You can get those books from grinding. At least remove depth 1-2.

    So Next up:
    The staff thing.
    Well I tried to ask this an admin once but !!warning surprice!! he didn't respond or seem interseted in any way. Basically, why dont you add an admin/staff for castle only. You are busy with Legacy and Cosmic galaxy. Making event ON TIME there and forgetting of castle. Every time there should be an event we have to make forum posts so we get one aswell. So why do I think this is a good idea?. Well we could make our own events, had our own staff made out of people who play castle on theyr own. For example ,as much as I dislike him, Puddly would be greate staff. He's mature can joke around but can be very serious aswell. He was very active untill his fac quit but if castle get a revamp he surely would play again. (At least actively).

    Yeah I guess this is enough.
    I know noone gona read this BUT the hope dies last.
    idk have a nice day.
    Gosh I hate my life some1 send this to staff so my life gets cool again.
    ok bye

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    Agree with all of it except that fact that Afl was not liked my all he was hated by most.
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