Warzones are where the majority of PvP and PvE take place. They're where the envoys happen and where the bosses can be fought. Most of the wazones are ringed by derps.

Whenever you see the message "a Cosmic envoy is nearby" in chat, you probably want to visit a warp. This message marks the beginning of an envoy; that means loot chests will be spawning randomly in all the warzones (excluding the battlefield). The chests can give you everything from raw fish to ranks!

The fireworks indicate the location and the rarity of a chest. To grab a chest, right click it to reveal its contents or left click to break it. Breaking them is faster, but you run the risk of someone else picking up the items.
Note: Trainees cannot open legendary chests.

Cosmic has some fancy custom bosses. Most can be purchased on the store and all can be found in drop packages. They can only be spawned in the warzones and will give players drop packages when defeated. If you plan on spawning one, make sure you have at least 3 blocks in each direction and a few empty inventory slots.

Derps are the player-made traps that surround most of the warzones. It's generally a good idea to avoid them at all costs. If you do get hit into one, it's pretty much game-over. :(

Battlefield Warp
The battlefield warp is an enclosed warzone. It's surrounded by a massive glass box to prevent derping. It features limited access to commands and a longer epearl cooldowns to encourage PvP.