Quality of Life

Auction House
The ah is a place to buy and sell items to and from players. To buy an item, simply click on what you want and hit confirm. A more in-depth guide can be found here.

Combat Tag
When you take or deal damage, you'll enter combat. If you quit or crash while in combat, you'll be replaced by an npc logger which can be kept alive with insta health potions. The combat tags lasts for 15 seconds, but it gets renewed every time you take/deal damage. While in combat, you have limited access to commands.

/logout -safely logout

Drop Packages!
Drop packages can be found in envoy chests or purchased on the server store. You can get a simple drop package daily from the starter kit. The higher tier chests give you better loot. To open a dp, place it, select 4 random chests, then wait to see your what tier loot you got! It will randomly cycle through coloured glass panes until only your 4 picks remain. After it stops cycling, click again to reveal the loot.
Note: As soon as you select 4 panes, you can safely exit the chest.

Cosmic's Colour Coding System
The colour coding system used by cosmic is as follows:
Tier 1- White -Simple
Tier 2- Green -Unique
Tier 3- Blue -Elite
Tier 4- Yellow -Ultimate
Tier 5- Orange -Legendary

Custom TnT
Cosmic has 8 different types of custom TnT. A brief description for each of them can be found here.

Xp Exhaustion
The more xp you have, the faster you tp. (tops out at half a second) After you bottle your xp, you lose the ability to tp for a few minutes. The higher your rank, the shorter the wait.

He is the breakdown by rank:
Trainee: 17 min
Tier 1: 15 min
Tier 2: 12 min
Tier 3: 11 min
Tier 4: 8 min
Tier 5: 7 min

Small Notable Things!

-If you eat too many gapples within a certain amount of time, you get sick.

-There is an enderpearl cooldown to help stop enderpearl glitching. It is around 10 seconds on most planets.

-Boats cannot be placed to prevent boat glitching and to reduce lag.

-Minecarts/rails cannot be picked up.

-There is a redstone limit to help prevent lag.

-The planets reset every 6-8 months. The resets include everything but ranks, gkits, player upgrades and titles.

-/spawn and /shop works in enemy and neutral territory.

-Since Cosmic uses 1.7 game mechanics, anvils will display an incorrect number of required levels to 1.8 users.

-Bedrock cannot be placed.

-Obsidian is breakable in 4 tnt hits. (ceggs don't affect it)

-Sponges act as a forcefield to water and lava.

-Mobs stack to help reduce lag.

-Planets have flat bedrock.