How do I take a screenshot of my receipt?

Most computers are capable of taking a screenshot using the "Prtsc" button on your keyboard or by using a screenshot program that uploads the picture automatically.

If you choose to use the Prtsc button on your keyboard you may have to use Ctrl+Prtsc or FN+Prtsc
Open the picture using a program like paint making sure to block/remove any personal information such as:
Your full name
Your email address
Your IP​
Save the screenshot
Upload the screenshot to an image hosting site such as Imgur
In the case of Imgur click "New Post" at the top of the page:
Once uploaded click "Copy" (note this will not automatically embed the photo)
Use Ctrl+V or Right click and choose "paste" to paste the link in the space provided​

Using a program
You can use a program such as Lightshot or Gyazo to select a section of your screen to take a screen shot.

NOTE: In Lightshot you are able to edit the photo right there on your screen whereas Gyazo will take a raw picture and may prevent you from removing your personal information.