How do I appeal a ban?

If you have been banned from the live server you may submit an appeal for consideration. Appeals are done in the order they are received so we ask that you are patient while Administrators look through current appeals.

When submitting a ban appeal make sure to:
  • Be respectful and polite
  • Be patient
  • Submit only ONE appeal
  • Submit in the proper category (otherwise it may be automatically declined)

When submitting a ban appeal remember:
  • Administrators do not always customize responses to appeals however all appeals and supporting evidence are reviewed when the appeal is reviewed.
  • Administrators are people to! Yes, we realize you may be frustrated, however, our Administrators work hard and are not your punching bag. Please wait until you have calmed down to post your appeal and do so respectfully.

When submitting your appeal you must:
  • Have a registered and verified forums account
  • Verify who and how you were banned on the Ban Panel by entering your current IGN in to the username space provided.
  • Open the Cosmic PvP forums
  • Click on Ban Appeals at the bottom of the Forums
  • Click on "Submit a Ban Appeal here"
  • Select whether you were banned by the auto ban system or a staff member (you verified this on the ban panel)
  • Complete the form in detail and click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the page.