/xp -check how much xp you have
/xpbottle (amount) -bottle your xp - will cause a cooldown until you can teleport again
/enchanter -buy custom enchant books with your xp
/tinkerer -exchange enchanted gear for xp or custom books for dust​

How-to Enchant
Xp is currency that's used to purchase the custom books. It can be obtained the same way normal Minecraft levels are. Once you get your xp up, you can begin purchasing books. (via /enchanter)

To open a custom book, right click it. It will give you a random enchant with a random success rate and a random destroy rate. The success rate is how likely the book will apply. The destroy rate is how likely the book will destroy the item you tried to apply it to if the enchant fails.

To apply a custom enchant to an item, simply drag n drop the book onto the piece of gear. If the enchant successfully applies, it will be added onto the item. If it fails, the item may be destroyed. (the drag n drop method applies to the scrolls as well)

Useful Links
A complete list of enchants can be found here.