Knowledge Base of: Contacting Staff

  1. How can I contact staff if I need help? 691 Views

    If you require assistance and none of the Knowledge Base options seem to fit your situation there are a few ways you can contact staff.

    1. Create a forums account, verify your email address and submit a support ticket here:
    Remember to select the proper department from the drop down menu by clicking beside "Department"
    Remember to fill out all fields
    If you can't find a piece of information (such as a transaction ID number) please write that in the slot provided

    2. Log in to your forums account and message any of our Administrators directly by:
    Click the envelope at the top of your forums screen
    Click the "Start a Conversation" button on the top right
    Enter the staff profile names of the staff members you wish to include in the message (note you cannot message directly some members and may have to select a different administrator who will forward urgent messages along).

    3. If you are having issues with a transaction specifically relating to (and ONLY relating to) a charge back please email