Knowledge Base of: Cosmic PvP: The Live Server

  1. Connecting to Cosmic 429 Views

    You can Connect to Cosmic using one of the following addresses:

    EU and AUS are provided to assist players in Europe and Australia in achieving better ping to the server.
  2. Joining a Server 381 Views

    When you join Cosmic PvP you will arrive in the server's hub. To join a server right click the compass and select the galaxy you wish to join:

    Once you select your galaxy you can select the server you wish to join by left clicking the icon for that server. Alternatively you can join a server by typing /server <planet name>planet, so if I were wishing to join Jungle Planet I would type /server jungleplanet.
  3. The Server Store 436 Views

    Cosmic has an online store where players can purchase many things with in-real-life money. You can find it here.

    /kit - Select a kit (24h cool-down on rank kits 72h cool-down on gkits) Don't forget to do your /kit starter every day!
    /confirm - confirm a purchase (must be done on the planet you purchased the package for)

    Purchase Issues
    If you don't receive a purchase, here's what to do:

    Step 1: Join/re join the planet. (if it's VIP only, please be patient and wait for a slot.)
    Step 2: While you're on the planet, try /confirm.
    Step 3: If you still don't have it after that, post a purchase help thread here.
    Step 4: Sit tight and be patient.​
  4. Basic Commands and their Functions 922 Views

    /rules -read up on the rules
    /help (page) - shows clickable help topics players may find useful

    /tpa (player) -request to tp
    /tpahere (player) -request they tp to you
    /tpaccept -accept a tp request

    Linking Items in Chat
    If you have a rank, you can do [item] while holding the item you want to link in your hand. This allows you to show off an item in global chat.

    Private Message
    /msg (player) -or /w (player)
    /block (player) - makes it so that you do not see that player talk in chat as well, blocks messages from that player
    /r -reply to a message

    Space Cash
    /bal -check your balance
    /bal (player) -check their bal
    /baltop - shows the highest balances on that Planet
    /withdraw (amount) -get a money note
    /pay (player) (amount) -pay a player

    /sethome (name) -set a home
    /home - opens the GUI displaying customizable icons and coordinates to each of your homes
    /home (name) -tp to a home
    /delhome (name) -delete a home

    /potionshop - tp's you to the potion shop
    /raidshop - tp's you to the raid shop
    /warp -brings up warp menue
    /warp (name) -direct warp

    Player Vaults
    /pv - brings up a customizable GUI for your private vaults that can be left clicked to open
    /pv (number) - opens that particular vault

    Daily Challenges are planet competitions requiring players to perform an action to be successful. Prizes are listed in the /challenges GUI. /challenges - brings up the GUI of current available daily challenges
  5. Enchanting 877 Views

    /xp -check how much xp you have
    /xpbottle (amount) -bottle your xp - will cause a cooldown until you can teleport again
    /enchanter -buy custom enchant books with your xp
    /tinkerer -exchange enchanted gear for xp or custom books for dust​

    How-to Enchant
    Xp is currency that's used to purchase the custom books. It can be obtained the same way normal Minecraft levels are. Once you get your xp up, you can begin purchasing books. (via /enchanter)

    To open a custom book, right click it. It will give you a random enchant with a random success rate and a random destroy rate. The success rate is how likely the book will apply. The destroy rate is how likely the book will destroy the item you tried to apply it to if the enchant fails.

    To apply a custom enchant to an item, simply drag n drop the book onto the piece of gear. If the enchant successfully applies, it will be added onto the item. If it fails, the item may be destroyed. (the drag n drop method applies to the scrolls as well)

    Useful Links
    A complete list of enchants can be found here.
  6. Scrolls and Nametags 678 Views

    The following items can either be purchased from the server store or obtained from drop packages.

    White Scrolls
    White scrolls prevent an item from being destroyed if an enchant fails to apply. Instead of destroying the item, the failed enchant will destroy the scroll.

    Black Scrolls
    A black scroll will remove 1 random custom enchant from an item and give it to you in the form of a custom book. The book will have a 100% destroy rate and a success rate equivalent to the one on the scroll.

    Transmog Scrolls
    Transmog scrolls are used to organise the enchantments an an item. It will sort them by tier, then add an enchant count beside the item's name.

    Randomization Scrolls
    Randomization scrolls are used to shuffle an enchantments success and destroy rates. Hope you get lucky!

    Custom Nametags
    The custom nametags can be used to rename an item with colours and formats. Simply right click the nametag, follow the instructions in chat, then use the "&" codes to format and/or add colour.

    &0 Black
    &1 Dark Blue
    &2 Dark Green
    &3 Dark Aqua
    &4 Dark Red
    &5 Dark Purple
    &6 Gold
    &7 Gray
    &8 Dark Gray
    &9 Blue
    &a Green
    &b Aqua
    &c Red
    &d Light Purple
    &e Yellow
    &f White

    &k Obfuscated
    &l Bold
    &m Strike through
    &n Underline
    &o Italic
    &r Reset
  7. Soul Trackers, Gems and Enchants 895 Views

    /ws -create a soul gem (you must be holding a weapon with a soul tracker)
    /splitsoul -split a soul gem

    Soul Trackers
    Soul trackers harvest the souls of defeated players. Every kill you get with a weapon that has one one adds a soul. Soul trackers are applied to weapons in the same manner as the custom books. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

    Soul Enchants
    Soul enchants can only be obtained from legendary envoy chests. They are applied just like any other enchant, but require an active soul gem to function. These enchants can be divided into two groups; active and passive. Active soul enchants drain souls from your soul gem every time they proc. Passive ones slowly drain souls at a fixed rate.

    Soul Gems
    Soul gems are created by withdrawing souls from a weapon. The quantity of souls you withdraw are given a multiplier based on the tier of your soul tracker.

    Legendary x5
    Ultimate x4
    Elite x3
    Unique x2
    Simple x1

    To activate a soul gem, right click it. A more in-depth guide can be found here.
  8. Warzones 374 Views

    Warzones are where the majority of PvP and PvE take place. They're where the envoys happen and where the bosses can be fought. Most of the wazones are ringed by derps.

    Whenever you see the message "a Cosmic envoy is nearby" in chat, you probably want to visit a warp. This message marks the beginning of an envoy; that means loot chests will be spawning randomly in all the warzones (excluding the battlefield). The chests can give you everything from raw fish to ranks!

    The fireworks indicate the location and the rarity of a chest. To grab a chest, right click it to reveal its contents or left click to break it. Breaking them is faster, but you run the risk of someone else picking up the items.
    Note: Trainees cannot open legendary chests.

    Cosmic has some fancy custom bosses. Most can be purchased on the store and all can be found in drop packages. They can only be spawned in the warzones and will give players drop packages when defeated. If you plan on spawning one, make sure you have at least 3 blocks in each direction and a few empty inventory slots.

    Derps are the player-made traps that surround most of the warzones. It's generally a good idea to avoid them at all costs. If you do get hit into one, it's pretty much game-over. :(

    Battlefield Warp
    The battlefield warp is an enclosed warzone. It's surrounded by a massive glass box to prevent derping. It features limited access to commands and a longer epearl cooldowns to encourage PvP.
  9. mcMMO 517 Views

    McMMO is a plugin that adds a ton of mmo-esque game mechanics. This includes everything from player skills to abilities for tools.
    Note: You do not gain xp from killing/taming mobs.

    /stats -check your stats and skills
    /(skill) -check out a mcmmo skill
    /credits -check your credit count
    /redeem (skill) (amount) -add credits to a skill

    McMMO credits
    McMMO credits can be purchased from the store or obtained via vouchers in-game.
    Note: You cannot redeem credits to a child skill such as salvage.

    Useful Links
    Cosmic's McMMO guide can be found here.

    The McMMO wiki can be found here.
  10. Quality of Life 443 Views

    Auction House
    The ah is a place to buy and sell items to and from players. To buy an item, simply click on what you want and hit confirm. A more in-depth guide can be found here.

    Combat Tag
    When you take or deal damage, you'll enter combat. If you quit or crash while in combat, you'll be replaced by an npc logger which can be kept alive with insta health potions. The combat tags lasts for 15 seconds, but it gets renewed every time you take/deal damage. While in combat, you have limited access to commands.

    /logout -safely logout

    Drop Packages!
    Drop packages can be found in envoy chests or purchased on the server store. You can get a simple drop package daily from the starter kit. The higher tier chests give you better loot. To open a dp, place it, select 4 random chests, then wait to see your what tier loot you got! It will randomly cycle through coloured glass panes until only your 4 picks remain. After it stops cycling, click again to reveal the loot.
    Note: As soon as you select 4 panes, you can safely exit the chest.

    Cosmic's Colour Coding System
    The colour coding system used by cosmic is as follows:
    Tier 1- White -Simple
    Tier 2- Green -Unique
    Tier 3- Blue -Elite
    Tier 4- Yellow -Ultimate
    Tier 5- Orange -Legendary

    Custom TnT
    Cosmic has 8 different types of custom TnT. A brief description for each of them can be found here.

    Xp Exhaustion
    The more xp you have, the faster you tp. (tops out at half a second) After you bottle your xp, you lose the ability to tp for a few minutes. The higher your rank, the shorter the wait.

    He is the breakdown by rank:
    Trainee: 17 min
    Tier 1: 15 min
    Tier 2: 12 min
    Tier 3: 11 min
    Tier 4: 8 min
    Tier 5: 7 min

    Small Notable Things!

    -If you eat too many gapples within a certain amount of time, you get sick.

    -There is an enderpearl cooldown to help stop enderpearl glitching. It is around 10 seconds on most planets.

    -Boats cannot be placed to prevent boat glitching and to reduce lag.

    -Minecarts/rails cannot be picked up.

    -There is a redstone limit to help prevent lag.

    -The planets reset every 6-8 months. The resets include everything but ranks, gkits, player upgrades and titles.

    -/spawn and /shop works in enemy and neutral territory.

    -Since Cosmic uses 1.7 game mechanics, anvils will display an incorrect number of required levels to 1.8 users.

    -Bedrock cannot be placed.

    -Obsidian is breakable in 4 tnt hits. (ceggs don't affect it)

    -Sponges act as a forcefield to water and lava.

    -Mobs stack to help reduce lag.

    -Planets have flat bedrock.
  11. I Bought Back To School CC On A Destroyed Planet 483 Views

    I have asked the admin to move it for you since you got it on a destroyed planet