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  1. What are the Cosmic PVP Forum Rules? 312 Views

    The rules for Cosmic PvP are posted publicly along with the typical punishment for breaking those rules. They can be found here. These rules, for the most part, are pretty logical and often observed on similar servers. That said, if your actions are deemed excessive you may find heavier punishment headed your way.
  2. How do I register on the forums? 825 Views

    To register on the forums click the "Sign Up Now" button near the top of the page:

    Remember that to post and view some areas including ban appeals, you will have to verify your email after you register!
  3. How do I take a screenshot on my computer? 345 Views

    Most computers are capable of taking a screenshot using the "Prtsc" button on your keyboard or by using a screenshot program that uploads the picture automatically.

    If you choose to use the Prtsc button on your keyboard you may have to use Ctrl+Prtsc or FN+Prtsc
    Open the picture using a program like paint making sure to block/remove any personal information such as:
    Your full name
    Your email address
    Your IP​
    Save the screenshot
    Upload the screenshot to an image hosting site such as Imgur
    In the case of Imgur click "New Post" at the top of the page:
    Once uploaded click "Copy" (note this will not automatically embed the photo)
    Use Ctrl+V or Right click and choose "paste" to paste the link in the space provided​

    Using a program
    You can use a program such as Lightshot or Gyazo to select a section of your screen to take a screen shot.

    NOTE: In Lightshot you are able to edit the photo right there on your screen whereas Gyazo will take a raw picture and may prevent you from removing your personal information.
  4. How do I make pictures show in my threads rather than just a link? 593 Views

    This is called embedding a picture and the steps are pretty simple:
    1. If it is a screenshot/picture taken by you, make sure it is uploaded first! If you are not sure how to upload a picture see our Knowledge Base guide here.
    2. Right click the online picture and select "Copy Image Address" as shown in this spoiler:
    3. Embed the picture into your post by clicking the mountain button on the top of your post creation window and pasting the link in the box that pops up and selecting insert such as shown here:
  5. How do I report a player for breaking the rules on the live server? 329 Views

    All ban reports on Cosmic PvP require video evidence. This means that you will have to screen record the player and upload that video to youtube.

    Please remember these important aspects of submitting a ban report:

    Only submit evidence you have gathered yourself. Do NOT submit another player's evidence as your submission is showing ownership of the evidence and in cases where the recorder is cheating or breaking the rules themselves you will find action taken against you.

    Do NOT resubmit evidence that has already had a decision made on it. If you are concerned that a staff member may have overlooked an important aspect of your evidence please Start a Conversation with Administrators and / or Ban Team on the forums.

    Do NOT submit stale evidence. Withholding evidence and submitting it weeks/months after the infraction may be automatically declined as it allows time to edit the evidence or the player may have been previously punished for the infraction. Submitting old evidence or attempting to frame players could result in your game play privileges being revoked.

    To submit a ban report on a player you must follow these steps:
    1. Make sure you have a Registered and Verified account on the forums
    2. Record the player breaking the rules
    3. Upload the video to youtube
    4. Click "Ban Reports" at the bottom of the forums as shown in the spoiler
    5. Click "Submit a Ban Report Here" on the page that opens
    6. Select the type of report you wish to submit on the player
    7. Complete the form in detail and click the "Submit Application" Button at the bottom of the page.
  6. How do I appeal a ban? 611 Views

    If you have been banned from the live server you may submit an appeal for consideration. Appeals are done in the order they are received so we ask that you are patient while Administrators look through current appeals.

    When submitting a ban appeal make sure to:
    • Be respectful and polite
    • Be patient
    • Submit only ONE appeal
    • Submit in the proper category (otherwise it may be automatically declined)

    When submitting a ban appeal remember:
    • Administrators do not always customize responses to appeals however all appeals and supporting evidence are reviewed when the appeal is reviewed.
    • Administrators are people to! Yes, we realize you may be frustrated, however, our Administrators work hard and are not your punching bag. Please wait until you have calmed down to post your appeal and do so respectfully.

    When submitting your appeal you must:
    • Have a registered and verified forums account
    • Verify who and how you were banned on the Ban Panel by entering your current IGN in to the username space provided.
    • Open the Cosmic PvP forums
    • Click on Ban Appeals at the bottom of the Forums
    • Click on "Submit a Ban Appeal here"
    • Select whether you were banned by the auto ban system or a staff member (you verified this on the ban panel)
    • Complete the form in detail and click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Is there a list of current staff members? 439 Views

    You can see the current staff member list by heading to the Cosmic PvP Forums, Selecting "Members" at the top of the forums:

    Then select the "Staff Members" tab on the right:
  8. How do I start a conversation/private message on the forums with another member? 300 Views

    If you are wishing to start a conversation/private message another member of the forums, including staff, you can:

    Click their avatar on a current active post which will bring up a small window with the option to "start a conversation":

    Alternatively you can click YOUR name at the top of the forums and select "Conversations"

    Then you can start a new conversation using the "Start a New Conversation" button at the top

    Add the member's forum name in to the participant's space provided :)