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  1. What Mods are permitted and / or blacklisted on Cosmic PvP? 392 Views

    There is a thread listed under General on the forums that show which mods are permitted on the server. It is located here.
  2. Where do I find the Rules for Cosmic PvP 379 Views

    The rules for Cosmic PvP are posted publicly along with the typical punishment for breaking those rules. They can be found here. These rules, for the most part, are pretty logical and often observed on similar servers. That said, if your actions are deemed excessive you may find heavier punishment headed your way.
  3. How do I take a screenshot on my computer? 278 Views

    Most computers are capable of taking a screenshot using the "Prtsc" button on your keyboard or by using a screenshot program that uploads the picture automatically.

    If you choose to use the Prtsc button on your keyboard you may have to use Ctrl+Prtsc or FN+Prtsc
    Open the picture using a program like paint making sure to block/remove any personal information such as:
    Your full name
    Your email address
    Your IP​
    Save the screenshot
    Upload the screenshot to an image hosting site such as Imgur
    In the case of Imgur click "New Post" at the top of the page:
    Once uploaded click "Copy" (note this will not automatically embed the photo)
    Use Ctrl+V or Right click and choose "paste" to paste the link in the space provided​

    Using a program
    You can use a program such as Lightshot or Gyazo to select a section of your screen to take a screen shot.

    NOTE: In Lightshot you are able to edit the photo right there on your screen whereas Gyazo will take a raw picture and may prevent you from removing your personal information.