Basic Commands and their Functions

/rules -read up on the rules
/help (page) - shows clickable help topics players may find useful

/tpa (player) -request to tp
/tpahere (player) -request they tp to you
/tpaccept -accept a tp request

Linking Items in Chat
If you have a rank, you can do [item] while holding the item you want to link in your hand. This allows you to show off an item in global chat.

Private Message
/msg (player) -or /w (player)
/block (player) - makes it so that you do not see that player talk in chat as well, blocks messages from that player
/r -reply to a message

Space Cash
/bal -check your balance
/bal (player) -check their bal
/baltop - shows the highest balances on that Planet
/withdraw (amount) -get a money note
/pay (player) (amount) -pay a player

/sethome (name) -set a home
/home - opens the GUI displaying customizable icons and coordinates to each of your homes
/home (name) -tp to a home
/delhome (name) -delete a home

/potionshop - tp's you to the potion shop
/raidshop - tp's you to the raid shop
/warp -brings up warp menue
/warp (name) -direct warp

Player Vaults
/pv - brings up a customizable GUI for your private vaults that can be left clicked to open
/pv (number) - opens that particular vault

Daily Challenges are planet competitions requiring players to perform an action to be successful. Prizes are listed in the /challenges GUI. /challenges - brings up the GUI of current available daily challenges