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Greetings Cosmonauts

Oh wow, it's already our 10th CCU post... I would like to thank my mom for this amazing milestone, I don't think we could have done it without her... I guess I should let you know what we have for this weeks Community Update, we have some lit PVP edits, some highly skilled raiding and even an entire base made out of only Glass. I guess we should get into it then...
All Da Loots

Happy Feet, Wombocombo, oh ohhh ohhhhhhh
Over on Void Planet, @Nuchella has been taking Pokimanz up to the top of the pvp chain with an awesome combotage from the first few weeks of the new map. I guess you could say nobody could contain this Pokimanz.

Desire Raids...

Over on Spirit Planet,...
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Greetings Cosmonauts of Dungeon Planet and Pirate Planet!

Have we got a treat for you!

The upper enclosure contains typical Admin Box items, but the lower enclosure, designed as a favor by @Jaqui, houses the Dragon Room, complete with a Dragon Egg, and a chest with loot!

Note: Dragon Eggs are not your typical block, they can be destroyed by creggs and tnt, it's fully encased because when punched they "tp" or "bounce" around, and you must use your head to obtain it.

Good luck!

IMPORTANT! An official thread for submissions is posted under Official Cosmic Events on the forums! Failure to post in the proper thread could result in disqualification!
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Greetings Cosmonauts of Dungeon and Pirate Planet!

This is it, it's the moment you have been waiting for! In the distance you can hear it, the faint cry of Cosmonauts as they prepare for battle, for life, for their planet! Does your planet have what it takes to persevere? The fate of your planet is in your hands!

Starting Tomorrow, both Dungeon and Pirate will be experiencing Carnage as they prepare for.....

Cosmic World Wars!

Today till Thursday, Players on both Dungeon and Pirate will fight to keep their planet alive. The losing planet will be absorbed by the winning planet! Only one can prevail!

So how do you support your planet?

Players will work to gain shards through killing mobs, mining blocks, purchasing them via the Aether...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
We know you guys are gearing up for a busy autumn, back to school, starting a whole new chapter, and we figured this weekend would be perfect to get you all back into the grind!

2x XP Weekend
Mystery CC
Factions Scoreboard
Warp Shortcuts
35% OFF Sale

2x XP Weekend
You heard it right, we know your time is important, so we wanted to you to make the most of it! This weekend, everyone on the server will receive a 2x XP boost! So get out your grinding swords and go hit something! If you currently have an XP multiplier it will stack ON TOP of it!

Mystery CC
They're back for a limited time! Get them while they last. Get yourself ready for back to school!! That's right, for a limited time only, you can purchase one Mystery Cosmic...
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Greetings Cosmonauts

Welcome back to this week's Cosmic Community Update, this week we have Raids, Base Tours, Last second KOTH knocks and even more. If you're new to theit'sU, its a weekly thread posted every single week filled with content submitted by YOU!, the community! If you want to find out how to submit your own content then look towards the bottom of the thread. Without further or due let's get into this weeks CCU!
All Da Loots

On Monster Planet, Worldedit has been having some fun removing more than just walls, they managed to breach and then raid Rambo. Before the raid, Rambo was at around $600,000,000 on /f top but after losing over 65 IG's, 90 Enderman, 40 blazes and some other miscellaneous spawners. They decided to pack up shop and unclaim...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

♪♫ It's the most wonderful time of the year! ♫♪ At least that's what most parents are singing around this time. Back to school has already begun or is just around the corner and we're bidding adieu to most of the sights and sounds that are Summer. Time to get organized, and that's what we're doing on Cosmic! This week's update boasts a rebalance and upgrade to Cosmic Chest loot crates and so much more all going live after your planet reboots!

Cosmic Chest Loot Table Upgrade
Server Store Updates including some Artwork and Pricing
Gift Cards make a return!
40% OFF Sale

Cosmic Chest Loot Table Upgrade
New animation featuring "what could have been", percentages of rare loot drop on panes, 5 Selections per Chest Opening and more! The Cosmic Crates have been completely revamped from Simple to...
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Greetings Cosmonauts

Oh it's that time again... Are you sure there aren't two Wednesdays in a week because these posts seem to come around so fast.. Well in this weeks CCU, we have base tours of factions with Billions on /f top, raids for 100's of millions and even some unique ways to try and kill bosses. I guess we should get straight into the update for this week...
All Da Loots

That's Fancy..
Dungeon Planet has been doing some raiding this week with the /f top #3 faction, known as Fancy managed to pull off a raid on Aboose who were sat at roughly $580,000,000 /f top value before the raid. After the devastation of what remains at their base they are left with just over $100,000,000 on /f top. The faction being raided ended up logging on soon after the base was breached and tried to defend what was left as they had to watch...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's finally here! And to celebrate we're throwing up a 35% OFF Sale on all packages at the Server Store!

Bless enchant has been increased by a level.
The max level it can be now is level 4.

Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible on a per planet basis.

Reset Booster Packs are now available for Void Planet!
You can find them on the Server store. If you don't know what a Reset Booster Pack is you can...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's been so busy lately, new updates, new adventures, new resets, and we're all super stoked! That being said, I wanted to take a moment to keep you all in the loop that the devs will be doing Login Node maintenance over the next little bit.

During this time players who are on the Cosmic Client should not have any issues connecting at all :) IF you are experiencing issues connecting to Cosmic don't panic, simply pop on the Cosmic Client and grind to your heart's content :D
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Greetings Cosmonauts of Void Planet!

Void's impending reset is gearing up for such an amazing and new adventure so I figured I'd post the details for you guys today!
What you WILL keep
What will be lost
Reset Time

Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible on a per planet basis.

For the first day, Players will NOT have access to /wilderness, make sure you have a plan set ;)

What you WILL KEEP after the reset:
Ranks (yes even those won from crates)
Cosmic Effects / Trails
Purchased F Powerboosts
The quantity homes that you currently have available to you at the...