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Greetings Cosmonauts!

What a crazy couple of weeks! We've had resets, Bug fixes, The New Cosmic Client, Heroic Rank Buffs and more!

If you have been playing Cosmic throughout the Spring/Summer season then you will have noticed some of the changes we have made like;
Introducing The Cosmic Client
New Hubs
New Spawns
Heroic Rank Buffs
And now
Summer Events!

Spring/Summer Maze Event!
The Maze is a favorite among you cosmonauts so we thought you would love this one even more. We have improved on it and made it harder for all you guys and girls out there!
What we have implemented;
Three Floors
More Parkour
Even more scary traps
Even more Loot
A unique Maze for every Planet

Are you excited yet?

Since our last Global Maze Event we have been working hard to make sure we improve for the next event. I believe we have done just that, starting from this Event every single Planet will have its own unique Maze Event. This...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's summer time! Time for outdoor parties, bbq's, and the perfect time to sink your teeth into the factions map! "School's Out For Summer" is ringing down the corridors and we want to celebrate with you!

June CC
Warzone LMS
Warzone Event Buff
Heroic Rank Kit Buff
Fallen Heroes Essentials Bundle
New /contests
45% OFF Sale

June CC
Yup, you've been asking for it and it's finally here! The June CC! The ultimate indulgence! Anyone who's anyone will want to get their hands on this OP Crate!


Offering only the best of the best, you're guaranteed:

  • 2-3x Nametags
  • 1-5x 80-95% Random Weapon/Armor Orb
  • 1-3x Heroic /gkit Fallen Hero
  • 3-8x White Scrolls
  • 5-10x Black Scrolls (95%)...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

What a crazy wild ride it's been, I want to extend a huge thanks not just to the Development Team for working so hard on the Cosmic Client, but to you, the Community, for helping us make sure it's stable and sourcing out some of the little issues that always come with such a large and impactful release!

1.75x XP Weekend
XP and mcMMO Multiplier
General Settings including:

/f focus
World Border Customization
Envoy Timer

1.75x XP Weekend (only on CosmicClient)
As a super huge thanks to the Community for all their feedback we're hosting a 1.75x XP Weekend for everyone who is playing on the Cosmic Client! So get out your grinding swords and go hit something! This 2x Multiplier...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Wars have ended, planets have reset, and updates are emerging throughout the Cosmic Galaxy!

Let's see what we have for you today;
Warzone Rewards
Conquest Loot Changes
Heroic Envoy Bosses
/f focus
CosmicClient Updates forums section
35% SALE!

Warzone Rewards

You, the player will now get rewarded for every minute you stay in the warzone. The closer you are to the center of the warzone the more money and XP you will gather every minute.

This feature is largely meant for newer, low-tier players to give them a foothold in the economy by simply engaging in the fundamentals of factions: PvP.

That being said, the rewards scale pretty well if you're at the center of the Warzone for > 15 minutes, as you will get:
  • $3,000 /bal per minute ($180,000 per hour)
  • 750 /xp per minute (45,000 xp per hour)
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Today we have some very exciting changes to announce regarding Player Ranks purchased via, as well as some other rank perk related changes.

I don't know how many of you remember when we first released rank quests as a replacement for the "direct deposit" style of rank purchase at the request of Mojang's EULA.

Rank Quests were met with quite a lot of criticism and general dislike by the community, so after much consideration and back and forth with Mojang, we have decided to REVERT THEM BACK TO DIRECT ITEM DELIVERY!

  • Wait, what does that mean?
For those of you that don't remember the OG days of rank purchases, they're back, but BETTER! You no longer will...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's finally here! And to celebrate we're throwing up a 40% OFF Sale on all packages at the Server Store!

So that everyone has the details of Monster Planet's Reset I've copied them for you below:

Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible on a per planet basis.


Greetings Cosmonauts of Monster Planet!

Monster Planet's impending update and reset is gearing up for such an amazing adventure so I figured I'd post the details for you guys today!
What you WILL keep
What will be lost

What will you WILL KEEP after the reset:
Ranks (yes even those won from crates)
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Admist all the hustle and bustle, the wars, the triumphs and the fails, we have been working on a project that has been widely requested by much of the Cosmic Community. Introducing the CosmicClient!

Complete with virtually everything you could ever want from a client! A Custom Client, a Custom Launcher, user friendly, easy, and a HUGE step up from the Cosmic Modpack with an array of easily accessible and customizable mods! Smooth, clean, professional design with ease of use at the top of the priority list!

Drag and drop to your location of choice anywhere on the screen, remove them, activate them, customize them! On top of an interactive factions list, alt manager, 1.8 fly on a 1.7.10 client, and drag to...
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Greetings Cosmonauts of Monster Planet!

Monster's impending reset is gearing up for such an amazing and new adventure so I figured I'd post the details for you guys today!
What you WILL keep
What will be lost
Reset Time

Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible on a per planet basis.

For the first day, Players will NOT have access to /wilderness, make sure you have a plan set ;)

What will you WILL KEEP after the reset:
Ranks (yes even those won from crates)
Cosmic Effects / Trails
Purchased F Powerboosts
The quantity homes that you currently have available to you at the moment of...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

The Cosmic World War has finally ended and with that a planet has claimed victory. Monster planet was able to pull ahead and take the win but forgotten will never be forgotten. With an astonishing fight between both planets Monster had almost 50 thousand more shards than Forgotten at the end of the war.
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

I've noticed a lot of confusion from players about the many different domains you can use to join CosmicPvP, and which is the fastest/best, etc. So, in an attempt to clarify, these are the only 3 domains you should bother saving to your client / using.
  • - This is always the best connection IP to use. If it works for you, USE IT.
  • - This is a good alternative IP for players with old / unsupported DNS providers. (i.e. if your DNS cannot resolve SRV records). It routes to the same place as
  • - This is an optimized, filtered route to our network. Some EU/AUS players may experience lower pings using this IP, and is a good alternative to use if neither of the above IP are working...