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Greetings Cosmonauts!

There has been so much hype leading into this amazing gkit. It's just the beginning of some amazing things to come, consider it a little foreshadowing, a taste of some amazing new features that are just over the horizon that @Vaquxine has been tweaking and perfecting.

New Limited Edition Gladiator Gkit
6 New Enchants
mcMMO Vouchers
Envoy Summoning
4 New Limited Edition Titles
30% OFF Sale

New Limited Edition Gladiator Gkit
The Gladiator /gkit encompasses all that is Gladiator; strength, endurance and the will to conquer all! When accessing this kit you will acquire one of two weapons plus your armor all with randomized enchantment levels! You have a chance at Ares Blade of Domination or the Longbow of Thor, and is available to access every 72 hrs! Snag this baby at our...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's been an amazing couple of weeks! Cosmic has grown so much that we are now hosting for nearly 3000 players online during our peak times! I couldn't be happier to have you, this amazing community, there with us to celebrate! So, from now until Monday you can take advantage of our March Madness Sale with 20% OFF all items in the Server Store!

Check out some of these amazing prices:
Ranks starting at $12.00
Titles $8.00
Extra Homes starting at $1.60
Space Chests starting at...​
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Are you guys ready for the full Magic Experience? Welcome to CosmicPvP's Wizardy Weekend!

Two New Custom Enchants
Arcane Gkit
35% OFF Sale
Enchant Additions to Envoys

Two New Custom Enchants


Impale your foes with fire inducing arrows that burst on impact! This new custom enchant is the perfect weapon of choice for you sharp shooters out there!

Summon the ancients and push your enemies back. With this armour enchant you have the chance of pushing back your attacker by a few blocks when attacked giving you the opportunity to gather your wits and funnel your adrenaline. Combined with Ender Shift this is a force to be reckoned with.


Arcane /gkit

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Greetings Cosmonauts of Magic Planet!

We received word this evening that Magic Planet sustained an uncontrolled time warp that has resulted in a space time continuum shift! This has resulted in a "rewind" and slight roll back that will affect some of the aspects of Magic Planet over the past 12 hrs.

Cosmonauts should expect to see some disrupt in the following areas:

PlayerVaults over the past 12 hrs
Faction Claims / Alliances / Status over the past 12 hrs
Obsidian Block durability over the past 12 hrs
/sethome's over the past 12hrs​

Our local Archmage and Wizard Master himself Vaquxine has been working diligently to minimize impact and we completely understand that this type of situation can be frustrating (I don't know that we've ever seen an uncontrolled time warp in the past).

That said, we will be putting 24 hrs of 2x mcMMO for all players on the Magic Planet to help!

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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Over the vast expanse of the cosmos lies a world full of wonder and mystery. Where your every experience, your every interaction, your every step is full of purpose; supernatural and empowering. A warzone that shimmers with mysticism and trembles with unyielding strength, vast, open, a perfect location in which to impale your foes. A place in which one can summon the very essence of being, to exercise your natural skill, your honed talent; this is The Magic Planet!

That's right guys! We're releasing a brand new, breathtaking planet perfect for all you PvP'ers out there! With a brilliant warzone smooth, vast and open. The Magic Planet will take masterful skill to compete. A place where only the very best will be capable of maintaining their footing, and as always we have you covered! 5 Progressive Ranks, 3 amazing new titles, and a Sale to get...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

What a rare and spectacular site! Glistening waters lap at seemingly tame shores where hidden caverns and temples pepper each unique island hiding the dangers within. Treacherous bridges span the areas between and the wreckage of mighty ships lay beached on the ocean floor. What treasures are hidden in this untouched world of mystery and wonder? What easter eggs lay in wait for that one explorer brave enough to explore the coastlines of the Pirate Planet?

That's right boys and girls, our explorers have been busy and have come upon a brand new and unique world with our most intricate and breathtaking warzone yet! An ocean dotted with islands, amazing bridges, caverns, temples and treasures all waiting to be discovered! Ready your best mates! Gather your...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

This weekend was a blast! It was a riot watching mischievous Love Imp's flit in and about the spawn warzones dropping goodies all over the place. I laughed like crazy when I was paired up for Valentine's with a new user, and those hearts when sneaking gave me a chuckle to! Of course that smoking sale made Valentine's Day extra sweet!

I saw many #GetARoom, Valentine, and XoXo titles being sported on all the planets! I didn't want the weekend's fun to end so in the spirit of great gifts, fun, and adventure, and today being President's Day, we've decided to extend the sale to include today!

Today is officially the last day to score that sweet 35% OFF at the Server Store! Your last chance at this amazing deal to score some of those items you missed during our Valentine's Day...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Valentine's Day is upon us and what better way to warm up your Valentine's than with a little bit of fun here on CosmicPvP! As the servers reboot, we are ramping up this weekend to be full of adventure and surprise!

♫♪ Match-maker match-maker make me a match ♪♫
Who are you going to be paired up with this weekend? The Cosmic Fates have gotten into the spirit of the holiday! Throughout the weekend watch for special Valentine's Day Love Alert broadcasts pairing random players up! Just hope you don't end up 4EverAlone!

The Elusive Love Imp

Keep an eye on those warzones!
If you're lucky you may chance upon one of our elusive Love Imp and his Fiery Blaze Partner, dropping random goodies in the spirit of the holiday! You never really know what he may drop or where in spawn's warzone he may appear! Like cupid he can be a...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

I can't really express my appreciation to all of you for your unwavering support! You guys have been just outstanding to work with! And we've had one heck of a roller coaster ride, from Name Change Conversions to the Void Planet's release to our amazing Dev's working hard to fend of evil villains last night and Dungeon Planet's release!

With all this excitement I think we've all earned a kudos so we've decided to extend our 33% OFF New Planet Hype Sale by two extra days! Take advantage of that awesome sale while you can!

And now some updates!
by Vaquxine at 10:44 PM
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We recently fixed an issue related to invalid session cookies being distributed to users when they login. If you are having difficulty logging into the forums:
  1. Clear your cache / cookies for
  2. Refresh the login page by holding shift+f5
  3. If that doesn't work, use incognito / private browsing mode until the session cookie expires.