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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Warm long days have found their way into many of our lives, time to sit back, and bask in some well earned time off and we're hyped to make this summer's minecraft experience the best available in minecraft! Here at CosmicPvP we're just getting warmed up! This weekend's update is the perfect way to celebrate the summer's start!

The Next Battle Starts NOW! Pre-release hype for the next Woofless and TBNRfrags series!
35% OFF Sale in Celebration of the hype incoming season and releases!
5 New Tool Enchants highlighted by the Master Builder Kit
A shift in Enchant Tiers! Legendary Enchantment books!

The Next Battle Starts NOW!
A world once thriving, now a memory, reminiscent of something that should be warm and familiar, yet, unsettled. Standing in the shadows of the ruins the hot breeze...
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Greetings cosmonauts!

It's been a busy few weeks here on Cosmic! From our Slammin Summer Sale to new patches and releases it's been a great intro to summer vacation and blowing off some of that pent up energy and we haven't stopped there!

New In Game Cash Pricing
Black scrolls
New Enchants added to Envoys and the Enchanter
New Frontend Presentation on Enchant Books and Enchanted Items
35% OFF Sale!

New In Game Cash Pricing
For more established planets in the Cosmic Galaxy we have created new package pricing that are more reflective of the current economies and a little easier on the pocketbook!

Excluding Dream, Castaway, and Demon here's what you'll be looking at:
$50,000 In game cash for $5.00
$100,000 In game cash for $9.00
$1,000,000 In game cash for $80.00
$3,000,000 In game cash for...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's that time of year! School's out, watermelon, beaches, and hiding from the heat! I swear I melt in the summer! I think summer's the perfect excuse to throw a super amazing sale! From now until July 6th Players will enjoy a crazy 25% OFF all packages in our server store!

We've also implemented a hotfix to the popular new "Phaze" hack on all cosmic planets, and would like to take a moment to confirm that NO RESETS OR ROLLBACKS have been deemed necessary or will take place on any of our planets.
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

@TBNRfrags' recently uploaded a video showing how he was going to open a ton of Legendary Drop Packages's that he is going to give back to the community; the details of how he planned to do that he saved until this morning!

So, today Preston has hidden the items in 10 chests at 10 random locations throughout the wilderness! You'll know you are near one if you find one of his JungleHunt claims!

Want to see some hints? He's included screenies of their location in this morning's vid! So who's going to get their hands on some awesome Legendary Drop Package Loot?

Here's his vid of all the legendary items you will find!

And here's his vid of the event and screenies of where they can be found :)
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Born out of darkness, his presence felt, like a whisper on the wind, he glides, light-footed upon the desolate wasteland. In one effortless swing, the only inkling of his presence is the sudden realization of his cold merciless blade as he steps over a once thought to be worthy foe. Surrounded in shadows, round the desolate wasteland, his grin a-lit only by the faint flickering of the lava pools, he breathes deep, filling his senses with the heavy and ever lingering scent of sulfur. He laughs, a laugh that echos through the caverns and caves, forcing chills down the spines of those even hundreds of blocks away. This land is HIS, enter if you dare. You are not prepared....

Demon Planet
Another new amazing release for CosmicPvP! A warzone that is intricate and unique, unsettling, and provides an environment for every pvp'er. This weekend's /gkit...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

I can't even begin to cover what an amazing month May was, and how much I'm looking forward to the adventures June is bringing with it! From our One Year anniversary to today's amazing "Summer Cleaning" updates including fixes to water and lava flow and more!

/kit Voidwalker
6 new Enchants
Cosmic Summer Cleaning
35% OFF Sale

/kit Voidwalker

A scream echos across the warzone and another victim of the Chaos Executioner falls to the cold hard ground. Unbridled strength, intrepid, powerful, only those worthy may wield this unforgiving weapon. A maker of legends passed down for generations you glide effortlessly along the hair-thin line between existence and extinction, whispering coldly, heartlessly, follow if you dare.

Chaos Executioner
A daemon forged...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Exciting news from across the galaxies! Many of you have noticed that @Vaquxine has been hard at work streamlining and has successfully increased available slots on all planets to a maximum of 450 players which includes 50 slots dedicated and reserved for donators doubling our reservation slots and increasing overall capacity!

As well I'm hyped to let you all know that we have a new domain for CosmicPvP. Players can access the forums, and the server, via! Players can look forward to a new smoother connection to the forums and slick browsing experience!
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Last night it seems that Alien Planet encountered an invasion of Mind Meld Miscreants that abducted many faction members forcing them from their factions and resulting in an overall upset. Our best extractionist was on the case first thing this morning and encased the planet in a sleeping fog. This fog is known to have some side effects such as:

Player data rolled back
World rolled back
Faction data rolled back

I know that side effects such as these can be frustrating, however, thanks to the quick communication and @Vaquxine's solid backups we were able to act quickly and mitigate further issues.

Thanks so much for those players who communicated so effectively with staff and to those staff members who let us know about the issue. You guys are all rock stars!

In a nutshell, we have rolled back to last nights' reboots, as well, for the next 24 hrs Alien will enjoy 2x mcMMO.
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Greetings cosmonauts!

What a way to kick off the first week of June! Last night we released a complete revamp to enchanting in the Cosmic Galaxy and now we're ramped up for more amazing updates!

Grandmaster and Bookworm /gkits
Castaway Planet Release
/trade completely recoded
30% OFF Sale

Grand Master and Bookworm /gkits
That's right guys we have a new /gkit for both the Galaxies! The Grand Master /gkit for the Cosmic Galaxy and the Bookworm /gkit for the Vanilla Galaxy

Bookworm /gkit
The perfect boost for all you grinders out there! We...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

I can't tell you guys just how excited we are to be announcing a complete revamp to the Cosmic Galaxy's enchantment system! This takes custom enchants to a whole new level!

The Cosmic Tinkerer
The Cosmic Enchanter
Enchantment Tables provide Vanilla Enchants Only

The Cosmic Tinkerer and Enchanter
Introducing Cosmic Galaxy's Cosmic Tinkerer and Enchanter! These two are going to be your go-to guys for building that perfect custom set! Find your local Tinkerer and Enchanter in the Enchantment section at spawn!

There have been a lot of questions about xp and the enchanter. Here is a basic explanation:
  • xp is not the same as levels. Your xp can be seen by doing /xp
  • The Cosmic Enchanter will trade /xp for...