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Greetings Cosmonauts of Jungle Planet!

The Reputation Points for the top 10 factions on Jungle will be calculated tonight at Midnight 12:00am CST (10:00pm PST, 1:00am EST.) What does that mean? After midnight tonight surpassing anyone in /f top or joining an /f top faction will not give you reputation points. If you're not one of the top 10 factions you better hurry!

If you do not know what Reputation Points are you can learn more about them here.
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Yes, yes the poll has been over for some time, however we've been in in-depth conversation about the best way to implement the results while causing as little stress and vulnerability as possible.

As you can see the community voice was very clear. Players want to increase the amount of wilderness required outside of buffers.

And I agree, however, implementing such a game changing rule mid map is not something easily done. So after much deliberation, going around servers and looking at maps, and claims, neighbours etc. We are going to implement this rule ONLY AS PLANETS RESET!

What does this mean?
When your server resets, on the brand new map, you must have a MINIMUM of 5 chunks of wilderness buffering your claims.

Which planets does this affect?
This WILL affect players on Jungle AFTER reset on Friday.

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Greetings Cosmonauts

We're back for yet another Cosmic Community Update, over the past week or so we have had so many updates and leaks that the drama levels are well over 9000. We have seen new Vkits, new Cosmic Client modules, and even the Head Admin announcing she will be playing the upcoming Jungle reset! It's going to be a juicy one...
All Da Loots

Trapnation Raids Pride!
Over on Magic Planet, TrapNation decided to make up for all their lost spawners, after being insided right at the start of the season, they managed to raid Pride to gain some of their wealth back. Cregging 70 IG's, 10 Creepers and some other misc spawners! It might not sound like a big raid but you need to take into consideration Magic Planet is only 31 days into their map... The video was recorded by...
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Greetings Cosmonauts of Jungle Planet!

Have we got a treat for you!

The upper enclosure contains typical Admin Box items, but the lower enclosure, designed as a favor by @Jaqui, houses the Dragon Room, complete with a Dragon Egg, and a chest with loot!

Note: Dragon Eggs are not your typical block, they can be destroyed by creggs and tnt, it's fully encased because when punched they "tp" or "bounce" around, and you must use your head to obtain it.

Good luck!

IMPORTANT! An official thread for submissions is posted under Official Cosmic Events on the forums! Failure to post in the proper thread could result in disqualification!


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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Who's up for a challenge? Things are about to get interesting! That's right, Jungle Map 7, it will be Poofless, @Woofless and @TBNRfrags and their faction vs my faction, Ohfrick, and me! Who will come out on top?

This ain't no "Live Admin Box"
That's right guys, no magic, no "vault", just like you and your faction, Rob, Preston, and I will be grinding it out on Jungle Map 7! Rob and Preston with their faction, and me with my faction, Ohfrick.

Along with any allies/truces we gather along the way, our factions will actively defend our base, grind spawners, go to envoys, pvp, raid and work to hopefully make our way up to /f top 1!

Think you're skilled enough to raid the Owners and Admin?
Come find us on Jungle Planet, October 6th!
Side Notes:
I will not be administrating on Jungle...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Wait, what?! Again?! Another update heading your way! After the planet reboots you can expect these updates to go live! What new updates do you have for us you say?
New Complimentary Enchants
Slayer /vkit
45% OFF Sale

New Complimentary Enchants
It's time to shake things up a bit! (@Macky get ready for the CCU :p )

Tier: Ultimate
Max Level:
Sword Enchant
The closer you are to your enemy, the more damage you deal. Up to 1.25x, however if enemy is > 2 blocks away, you will deal as low at 0.75x damage.

Tier: Legendary
Max Level:
Chestplate Enchant
If you are taking damage from more than (8-level) enemies in a 5 second period, the damage from any additional players beyond the initial group will be divided by 2.

Anti Gank
Tier: Ultimate
Max Level:
Axe Enchant...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's finally here! And to celebrate we're throwing up a 35% OFF Sale on all packages at the Server Store!

Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible on a per planet basis.

Reset Booster Packs are now available for Dragon Planet!
You can find them on the Server store. If you don't know what a Reset Booster Pack is you can read about them on the...
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Greetings Cosmonauts of Dragon Planet!

Dragon's impending reset is gearing up for such an amazing and new adventure so I figured I'd post the details for you guys today!
What you WILL keep
What will be lost
Reset Time

Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible on a per planet basis.

For the first day, Players will NOT have access to /wilderness, make sure you have a plan set ;)

What you WILL KEEP after the reset:
Ranks (yes even those won from crates)
Cosmic Effects / Trails
Purchased F Powerboosts
The quantity homes that you currently have available to you at...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

The Cosmic World War has finally ended and with that a planet has claimed victory. Dragon Planet demolished and put a huge lead in front of Castaway planet. Castaway planet sadly couldn't keep up and left up being stuck behind by 49,000 shards.

EVEN CRAZIER! The top 3 Shard Contributors to the war single handedly contributed 40,000 shards! That's more than double the ending shard amount for Castaway planet!

With that, reputation points for both planets have been allocated and finalized.
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Greetings Cosmonauts

It's good to be back and its that time again, it's time for the 15th Cosmic Community Update. Oh boy has the community been busy. We have some raids on power factions, youtubers, salt and even more crazy shenanigans from throughout the Cosmic Galaxy. I guess we should get right into it...
All Da Loots

Woofless Raided!11!1!!!1!!
After numerous attempts, Kryptic has managed to raid Autoclick, after their attempt was originally stopped just days before they decided to keep the pressure on Autoclick and it paid off. They managed to get inside the base at Y-120 and then from there they managed to get into their lower Ghast, Mooshroom, IG and Creeper Grinders. The total amount of spawners gained is unknown but after a little look around, Autoclick is looking pretty defeated with only a handful of creepers, their blazes and a bunch of natural spawners...