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Greetings Cosmonauts!
GEEZ! It has been over 3 months since the last recap of our recent updates and bug fixes. Here's a list of the recent updates and bug fixes since our last patch notes post. I really hope the players enjoy this point of reference!

Releases and Resets
New Releases:
  • Timeless Dragon End Boss
  • KOTH Weapons
  • Updated Conquest Loot
  • New Mastery Enchants
    • Chain Lifesteal
    • Death Pact
    • Tombstone
    • Permafrost
    • Discombobulate
    • Auto Sell
  • New Enchants
    • Enchantment Reflect
    • Heroic Enchantment Reflect
    • Avenging Angel
  • /quest top...
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Greeting Cosmonauts
Its the weekend of St. Patrick's Day and it's a good time to get all of your faction members together and search for those treasures at the end of the rainbow! How Lucky do you think you will be?

Lootbox: Lucky
Legacy /gkits
Legacy Polls
Glitch Mask
Mystery Merchant Stock Update
35% OFF Sale

Lootbox: Lucky
Don't worry about searching for the end of the rainbow for long, Cosmic has your Pot of Golden goodies right here! Keep in mind that some of the items can only ever be obtained in that weeks Lootbox! Once the weekend is over, the Lootbox, and its treasures, are gone FOREVER!
  • The # of items you will receive from the list of "Random Loot" is displayed in (X items)...
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Greetings Cosmonauts

We've been hearing rumors that “session tokens” are being used to compromise accounts.

Session tokens are located in your “latest log” as well as other locations and players hoping to compromise an account will often make any excuse for you to voluntarily show it to them, such as asking to see your “latest.log”.

Example: You're about to do a trade and the player says "I need to see your logs to make sure you're not messaging someone that you're going to scam me". Consider it a scam and attempt to compromise your acct.

Players should note:
  • Do NOT show your Latest.log to any individual especially when “confirming a deal”
  • Do NOT share your minecraft/Cosmic Client files with another individual
  • Do NOT share anything with your session token in it to another individual
Players are once again STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to have 2fa or 2 Step Verification active on ANY of our...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We're back and is it only me that thinks there's more than one Wednesday in a week! These CCU's seem to always be around the corner and this week is no different, we have memes, Legacy content, PvP and even potentially one of the best CC openings!

This week I have chosen @CalleBaws420 to win the $20 Coupon Code, his meme was a high-quality meme if I do say so myself. If you want a chance to win the $20 Store Coupon code next week all you have to do is drop me a message with content on CosmicPvP and if it gets featured you have a chance to win! It's that easy.
All Da Loots

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him Her!
Well people, it happened... "Are you ready to face the Admin?" I guess people were ready. Let's close it up, season over, send Alien Planet back into the Lost Galaxy the Legacy Galaxy is over. Ypperin died. 10th...
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Travel back in time with us to where all your adventures started...
3pm CST ~ 1pm PST ~ 4pm EST ~ 9pm GMT

Thats Right Cosmonauts today is the day that will bring you back in time to when Cosmic first entered into your hearts! Which faction will take the top spot? Only time will tell!

For all of your Legacy information please check yesterdays post here!

Greeting Cosmonauts
For the rest of you Cosmonauts throughout the other galaxies, we have a weekend that you will surely enjoy!

Lootbox: Dark Dreams
Yijki Sword
Battlestaff of Yijki
40% OFF Sale
Quality of...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
With just over 1 Day until release we understand that you're trying to get your strategies together. Here is the breakdown of Legacy.

Our Goal
Common Questions

Pre-Purchase Rank Sale, and Queued Ranks
Legacy Rank Prices & 40% OFF Pre-Sale Special
Enchantments, Stacking and Souls
Bases and Grinding
/f upgrades
Warps and Warp Claiming
General Community Questions
Wild PvP
Ranks on Forums
Quest Shop
Core Chunks and Faction Points
Reset Toolkits
Loot Tables
Satellite PvP
The Server Store

Our Goal
CosmicPvP: Legacy is a remastered version of the 2015 gamemode. We are recapturing the spirit and meta of the gamemode from back then, not all the annoying bugs/inconveniences. At the request of the Community our goal is to provide a nostalgic, fun, and...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

Less than 48 hours to go, faction rosters have been organized and players are jockey'ing up to see who will be standing at the top of /f top for Legacy! Aside from the detailed breakdown coming tomorrow, players have been asking if we will be hosting a pre-sale of Legacy Ranks!

Pre-Purchased and Queued Ranks
Yes, as requested ranks will be available for purchase a full day ahead of Legacy's release and will sport a crazy 40% OFF!

CosmicPvP: Legacy Rank Pre-Sale
Thursday, March 7th, 2019
Noon CST // 10am PST // 1pm EST // 6pm GMT // 5am AEDT

Ranks that are purchased early and those that already have ranks queued will be able to join the legacy planet queue with that rank's priority ONE-TIME ONLY.

This means that once you are on the planet...
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Huge shoutout to @Majorblake for the epic trailer! Great work as always!

Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's almost here, and everyone's getting ready, Legacy is upon us! Think you have what it takes to Master the Map? Think you have the Eco in the bag? Can you dominate...... the Admin??

That's right guys, couldn't let you have all the fun, besides, truly the best way to ensure that everything is operating smoothly!

Evo and I will be challenging the rest of you for our rightful place as /f top 1!

The rules:
  • Ypperin has top rank....
    • That's it
      • No ranks for the fac, no kits, no extra "faction coupons", no allowance....
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We're back for the 78th edition of the Cosmic Community Update, this week we have some awesome raids, PvP domination over on Dungeon Planet and even more! Each week I will be picking one person who submits their content to the CCU to win a $20 Coupon code for the store! So if you want a chance to win all you have to do is send me your content!

This week I have chosen @CriticalyDroppin for their awesome raid on Carnation, getting tons of spawners and managing to get the bragging rights to a faction that claimed to be unraidable. GG's!
All Da Loots

Goodluck Breaches Carnation
Over on Jungle Planet, Goodluck has some fortunate timing as they were able to breach Carnations base, taking 60dubs worth of IG's after they allegedly claimed to be unraidable. I mean I guess you could say this was a scene of CARNAGE... du du du dun....
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
Today is the day and the time is now! For the next 12 hours only, If you are ranked top+ on any planet you can log on, and one time only run /kit legacy to acquire a free Tier 1 to Tier 3 Legacy rank! This command will work one time only per IGN on the entire network!


/kit legacy will be available for those ranked Top + throughout the network until
~11pm CST!