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Greetings Cosmonauts
Now that the Fireworks and Holiday are behind us, it's time to get your factions back on the right track to be the best! This week is no exception as we have some major treasures you will want for your own!

Lootbox: Sugar Daddy
3x Lootbox Special, FREE Mystery Pet Box
Lootbox Expiration
New Inventory Pets: Raid Creeper & Stronghold Sell
New Masks: Stronghold & Boss
Change to Cannon Box Claims
Quality of Life
40% OFF Sale

Lootbox: Sugar Daddy
New Pets, New Masks, New Multi-Mask? That's right we have it all in this weeks Lootbox! You will want to be sure to get your hands on one of these this week! Keep in mind that some of the items may only ever be obtained in that weeks Lootbox! Once the weekend is over, the Lootbox, and its treasures, are gone...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
It's about that time! It's been a minute since we've reset staff applications and considering how many players have approached us asking us to consider resetting the count I figured now would be a good time.

Players who are interested in being considered for staff, even if you have previously submitted a staff application, feel free to do so here on the forums!

We look forward to going through and reading your submission! Good luck to all who choose to apply!
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
WOW! It has been almost 4 months since we gave you guys a recap of our recent updates and bug fixes. Here's a list of the recent updates and bug fixes since our last patch notes post. I really hope the players enjoy this point of reference!

Releases and Resets
New Releases:
  • Multi-Mask
  • Mystery Pet Box
  • KOTH Loot
  • Dungeon Key Refunds
  • /ah Categories
  • /rep top
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Inventory Pets
  • Reset Toolkit Update
  • Stackable Spawners
  • Mystery Fallen Hero
  • Yeti Armor Buff
  • Ranger Armor Buff
  • EMP Trinket
  • Omni Gem /gkit & /vkit
  • /f tag reservation for /f...
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Greetings Cosmonauts

We're back and this week CCU is spicy, we have PvP comp from all sides of the Cosmic Galaxy, along with an awesome throwback video and also a CC opening... We have a bit of everything in this weeks CCU!

I have decided to give @CraftOfBattle the $20 Buycraft Coupon Code this week for his awesome throwback video from lots of different moments over the years on Cosmic PvP!

If you want to have a chance to win the $20 Buycraft Coupon Code then all you need to do is submit your content to me and if it gets highlighted in a future CCU then you will have a chance at winning!

All Da Loots

OG Throwback Montage!
I'm sure there will be 1 person to say X thing wasn't OG but something being OG can be completely different to next person's opinion on whats OG, that's why Craft has made an...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
Some community members have expressed a concern with regards to Cannon Box sizes especially considering the implementation of the "No Stripping Buffers" rule.

We recognize that factions that enjoy raiding often build and maintain nearly permanent cannon boxes and as such would require sufficient space and means to do so, however, we also recognize that defending factions should be able to, within a decent distance, build defensive means.

As such effective Friday, July 12, 2019 a new rule will be implemented limiting cannon box creation beyond a 10 chunk by 10 chunk area.

Anyone with cannon boxes that are larger are requested to correct their claim sizes prior to Friday's update post (typically around Noon CST).
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
There's been a forums update to better assist members of the community who wish to register on the forums. All members of the community are able to create an account on the forums and can easily activate that account by simply logging into to the server on their account and using /syncaccount.

To successfully sync your account in game to the forums you must run:
/syncaccount <email used to register your forums account> <your forums account password>.

Once successfully sync'd you will receive a confirmation message in game

Players who sync their account will have their account automatically updated with their current IGN (provided it's not already in use on the forums.)

Anyone currently waiting for account...
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Greetings Cosmonauts

We've been hearing rumors that “session tokens” are being used to compromise accounts.

Players are once again STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to have 2fa or 2 Step Verification active on ANY Cosmic Servers.

  • Do NOT show your Latest.log to any individual even when “confirming a deal” or "proving you're not planning to scam"
  • Do NOT share your minecraft/Cosmic Client files with ANY another individual
  • Do NOT share anything with your session token in it to another individual

Session tokens are located in your “latest log” as well as other locations and players hoping to compromise an account will often make any excuse for you to voluntarily show it to them, such as asking to see your “latest.log”.

Example: You're about to do a trade and the player says "I...
by ypperin at 1:42 PM
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Happy 4th of July Cosmonauts!
Fireworks will surely be flying as the Hottest /cc of the Summer is now available with some crazy new items! You and your factions will surely be busy trying to obtain these summer treasures as they explode into your planets!

July 2019 /cc
New Inventory Pets: Enchanter & Gaia
Mystery Pet Box
Outpost Mask
CosmicClient Auto Sprint Fix
45% OFF Sale

July 2019 /cc
Who is ready to have a BLAST this 4th of July weekend? With the newest /cc on in the store you will surely think it is Christmas in July! So many new items able to be obtained in one crate!

Offering only the best of the best, you're guaranteed:
  • Admin Item
  • 32-64x Space Fireworks
  • 1-2x Heroic...
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Greetings Cosmonauts

We're back for the 95th Edition of the Cosmic Community Update, this week we have an interesting range of videos, from Nuking to being taught how to use a cannon that can Nuke, we also have OG players returning to Cosmic to see what's changed and more!

This week I have chosen @Excluded to win the $20 Buycraft Coupon Code for his awesome cinematic video nuking TheWatch, I can't wait to see how they fight back... it's gonna get juicy.

If you want to have a chance to win the $20 Buycraft Coupon Code then all you need to do is submit your content to me and if it gets highlighted in a future CCU then you will have a chance at winning!

All Da Loots

The Nuking War Continues!

Over on Jungle Planet, the constant war of terrorising other factions is still going strong, this week we have Evo taking shots over at...
by Xell at 9:30 AM
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
What better way to start the Summer Season than with a Network Wide Summer Raid Event!

Tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, June 30, 2019, around 2PM CST, Admins will be assisting in setting up a raid event on Jungle, Spirit, Dungeon and Lava Planet! Make sure to be around at the time watching chat cause once it's live players will be able to head off and prove themselves through a portal at /spawn. Admins will announce on your planet when the raid is live!

Summer Raid Event Prizes:
  • Iron Golem Spawners
  • Ghast Spawners
  • Blaze Spawners
  • Magma Cub Spawners
  • Admin Spawners
  • Specialty Sets (including the coveted Yeti)
  • /cc's
  • Crates
  • Faction Points
  • Kit Gems
  • Heroic Lootboxes
  • Heroic Armor
  • EXCLUSIVE Admin Disguise's
  • Heroic Black Scrolls
  • Heroic Upgrades
  • Armor/Weapon Orbs
  • and a whole lot more!

Information about the Event...