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Greetings Cosmonauts!
With Thanksgiving just around the corner im sure you are all feeling thankful, but do you feel Lucky?

Lucky /vkit
Heroic Upgrades vs. Infinite Luck
Options GUI
Base Claim Security Update
Larger /f map for Top Rank+
Quality of Life

Lucky /vkit

A chance at something OP every 5 days! It is the perfect addition to your collection providing a random roll that gets better every time your /vkit levels's up! This kit evolves from Great to GODLY as it levels up!

Take your chances, test your luck! ;)

Heroic Upgrades vs. Infinite Luck

We've heard some feedback and some comments regarding how OP Infinite luck can be, so the devs have added a little something! With today's update your Heroic'd Special Set (ie: Phantom) has a chance of negating Infinite Luck up to 50% of...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We're back with the 64th (#4Chunks Club) of the Cosmic Community Update, we have a really good CCU this week. Filled with raid event montages, raids on top-tier factions and some incredible risk inventory duels. We have recently started picking one submission each week to receive a $20 Store coupon voucher for taking the time to submit content created by you! as a community.

This week was really hard to choose, there are some really good videos this week from Sosa just having the wost week of their life to people winning risk inventory duels in Vkit against God sets... But ultimately I just had to give it to @Miscarried for submitting Evo's Halloween Raid Event montage, there was clearly a lot of work put into that video and I would have just felt bad if I didn't give it to them.

Don't forget to submit your videos for a chance to win the $20 next week!​
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's Friday! Get lazy, dress cozy, and prepare for another weekend off of School! This weeks updates are perfect for the PvP and Raiding Grind!
Heroic Cannoner /gkit
New Heroic Enchantments
Quality of Life Updates

Fall Damage in Duels

Heroic Cannoner /gkit
The Cannoner /gkit has been upgraded to include MORE useful TNT, creeper eggs, a chance for a Ranger Bow, and lots more!

32-64x Rare Custom TNT
Extra Stacks of TNT just to help you boost your stash
Heaps more Creeper Eggs including more Custom Creepers

PLUS a chance at a Ranger Bow to go with your Ranger Set!

Heroic Mining Helment
Projectile Protection
Creeper Armor
An enhanced version of the famous, mining helmet, your vision penetrates all.?​
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We're back with this week's Cosmic Community Update, this week it's filled with PvP, insane clutches and even more. We're also going to be introducing something new this CCU, each week I am going to pick one person out of the people who submitted content which then got highlighted to receive a $20 Buycraft Coupon.

We're going to be trialing this to see how it goes for a few weeks, so all you have to do is submit some content Via Message directly to me and if that video then gets highlighted you have a chance at winning a $20 Coupon Code. Simple right?

This week I have chosen @LegendaryKiwi for submitting probably the craziest clutch I have seen on Cosmic in a long time.
All Da Loots

Literally The Biggest PvP Clutch In Cosmic History
I am literally shook, this man just pulled off the biggest clutch I have ever seen on Cosmic. Over on...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's Friday! Halloween has come and gone and we're all suffering from waaaay too much sugar! What more can anyone ask for?
November /cc
Scarecrow Mask
Halloween Raid Event
Recent Patch Notes and Updates
40% OFF Sale!

November /cc

The end of the week is here, Halloween has passed and the days are drawing closer to Thanksgiving.

  • Limited Edition Titles
  • Scarecrow Mask featuring No Hunger Loss!
  • 2-5x Heroic G-Kit Generator
  • 1-3x Equipment Lootbox
  • 1x Heroic OR Superior Cosmic Crate
  • 1x Random Heroic Upgrade
  • 1x Random Dungeon Portal
  • November 2016 OR 2017 /cc
Plus ONE of the Bonus Items
  • Ghost Fallen Hero Bundle
  • Ghost Mastery Kit
  • Destroyed Dungeon Outpost Lootbag
  • Halloween 2018 /cc...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's already that time again and we have all sorts of videos for this week's Cosmic Community Update. We have raids, PvP montages, people getting jebaited. It's just filled with awesome content this week and some really high quality videos honestly. Let's get into it
All Da Loots

SOSA Already Taking Over Spirit?
With Spirit on the fresh reset this weekend, SOSA decided to get a monster of a first day. Taking peoples spawners, raiding their bases, destroying in PvP? They look like they are pretty much dominating the start of the map. If this keeps up people are going to be quitting left right and center. @FredRaids has put together a montage of their first 24 Hours and it's great.

Goontang $170,000,000,000 Base Tour...
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Happy Halloween Cosmonauts!
Spooky Scary Skeletons, and candy, and sugar rushes! Today's the day for trick or treating, pranking your friends, and egg bombing your neighbour's base and we're in the mood to celebrate!

Gift Cards with free gift!
50% OFF All packages at the Server Store

Gift Cards with free gift!
We've added back $250 Gift Cards to the Server Store with a super sweet deal! Score a FREE Halloween Cosmic Crate plus 25% OFF! That's $250 buying power for $187.50!

50% OFF All packages at the Server Store
That's right! For today only score a SpooOooOoOOky 50% OFF all packages at the server store excluding Gift Cards! Get it while you can!

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Greetings Cosmonauts

With all the Spooky festives going on we thought we would throw some more Spookiness into the mix with a Halloween Scavenger hunt. There are rumors that the old Halloween Spawn Ship has crashed and within the wreckage, there are some great valuables to be claimed.

Across every Planet, there are 3 crashed Spawn Ships just waiting for people to claim the valuables hidden within. Here's a little preview of what you should be looking for...

The Ships were filled with some of the most valuable items across the Cosmic Galaxy, here's a little preview of what you just might find if you're lucky enough.

Chest 1:
Chest 2:
Chest 3:
These Ships are placed randomly across your planet, unclaimed and just waiting to be...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! That's right, with Halloween this week we are starting the festivities today, or rather, last night, and have we got a list of updates for you!

Halloween /cc
Mastery Kits
Mastery Enchants
Mastery Shards
Halloween Fallen Hero Bundle
Mask PvP Update
New Masks
Halloween Events
Jackpot Update

Halloween /cc
Looking for something over the top to celebrate the holiday with? We've got you covered!

Offering only the best of the best, you're guaranteed:
  • Titles
  • Admin Items
  • Purge Mask, featuring a 2.5% damage buff
  • Heroic Fallen Hero Bundle
  • 2-3x Equipment Lootbox
  • 1-3x Heroic Blackscroll OR Holy Whitescroll
  • 1-2x Random Heroic Upgrade
  • 1-3x Random Heroic Enchantment
  • Halloween 2016 or 2017 /cc
Plus ONE of the Bonus Items...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

It's been a hectic week with the war! And to celebrate there is currently a 45% OFF Sale on all packages at the Server Store!

NEW Reset Booster Crate
The Reset Booster Crate has been revamped to include more specialty items including the new Reset Toolkit!

All ranks below tier 5 will receive the following:
Reset Tool Kit including Atomic Detonate Pick, Axe, and Spade
500 mcMMO credits
$250,000 Space Cash
100,000 XP​

Those ranked Tier 5 and above will receive the following:
Mystery /cc
Reset Tool Kit including Atomic Detonate Pick, Axe and Spade
800 mcMMO vouchers
$500,000 Space Cash
100,000 XP
1x Godly Chest
2x Item Name Tag
2x Lore Crystals
3x Transmog...​