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Greetings Cosmonauts of Jungle Planet!

Jungle's impending reset is gearing up for such an amazing and new adventure so I figured I'd post the details for you guys today!
*NEW* /fund changes
Rep Points
Faction Points
Core Chunks and Raiding Points
*NEW* To the Cosmic Galaxy: Strongholds
What you WILL keep
What will be lost
Reset Time

Friendly reminder! Gkit cooldowns do not reset because they are a global cooldown. Resetting /gkit's is not possible on a per planet basis.

/fund changes
The fund has been updated to include /dungeons in it. If the /dungeon fund isn't completed you will NOT be able to place a dungeon portal or go into dungeon portals. The daily portals will still spawn.

For the first day, Players will...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

The Cosmic World War has finally ended and with that a planet has claimed victory. Jungle Planet roflstomped and put a huge lead in front of Dragon planet. Dragon planet tried to keep up but was left behind.

With that, reputation points for both planets have been allocated and finalized.
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We're back with our 67th Cosmic Community Update, this week bringing you more Base Tours, PvP Montages, Cannon Showcases and more... As usual, we select 1 person to receive a $20 Coupon Code if they took the time to submit their content to the CCU. This week we have chosen @AprilfoolsbdayYT because he's submitted a pretty cool and unique Cannon Showcase, it's different. We like different types of content.

Let's get into the CCU...
All Da Loots

Lava Planet PVP
Over on Lava Planet, @wittylamb has been dropping more kids from when we last saw him escaping from being scummed. This time he's handing out L's himself from ontop of derps to out in the wilderness this man is hunting. Getting Special, Mkit, Heroic and more sets. This man is going to be running out of PV storage soon......
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Greetings Cosmonauts of Jungle and Dragon Planet!

Have we got a treat for you!

The upper enclosure contains the new Admin Box items, along with the lower enclosure, designed as a favor by @Jaqui, houses the Dragon Room, complete with a Dragon Egg, and a chest with loot!

Note: Dragon Eggs are not your typical block, they can be destroyed by creggs and tnt, it's fully encased because when punched they "tp" or "bounce" around, and you must use your head to obtain it.

Good luck!

Updated prizes for next map:
$50 Cosmic Store Gift Card
10x Blaze Spawners
5x Master Builder Fallen Heroes
2x Dungeon Lootbags
2x Dungeon Keys (good for the map)
1x Current Cosmic Crate
1x Admin Item

IMPORTANT! An official...
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Greetings Cosmonauts of Dragon and Jungle Planet!

This is it, it's the moment you have been waiting for! In the distance you can hear it, the faint cry of Cosmonauts as they prepare for battle, for life, for their planet! Does your planet have what it takes to persevere? The fate of your planet is in your hands!

Starting Tomorrow, both Dragon and Jungle will be experiencing Carnage as they prepare for.....

Cosmic World Wars!

Today till Thursday, Players on both Dragon and Jungle will fight to keep their planet alive. The losing planet will be absorbed by the winning planet! Only one can prevail!

So how do you support your planet?

Players will work to gain shards through killing mobs, mining blocks, purchasing them via the Aether Forger at spawn (10,000,000 per Aether...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We're back, better late than never is the old saying... This week we have a great range of Base Tours to PvP to Clutch timings of Reboots, we have quite the collection. Make sure if you want to be consider for next weeks $20 Giftcard all you need to do is submit your awesome content via message and if your content gets highlighted you're in for a chance of winning.

This week I have chosen @sammieplays_ for his awesome cinematic montage of Carebears base, its a well put together video and clearly took quite a while to make. Soo... let's get into it.
All Da Loots

Carebears Base Tour
Over on Dragon Planet, Carebears have put together an awesome montage and cinematic basetour of their base this map. @sammieplays_ has managed to put together one great cinematic, must have taken him quite a while to do. You can really...
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Recent Patch Notes and Updates
WHEW! November blew right past us! The Developers have been crazy busy over the past month, here are some of the recent patches and updates from the last couple of weeks!

Releases and Resets
  • Heroic Cannoner /gkit
  • New Heroic Enchantments
    • Reflective Block
    • Titan Trap
    • Bidirectional Teleportation
    • Guided Rocket Escape
    • Ghostly Ghost
  • Lucky /vkit
  • Options GUI
  • Larger /f map for Top Rank+
  • Thanksgiving /cc
  • Necromancer /Mkit
  • Necromancer Mastery Kit Fallen Hero Bundle
  • New Mastery Enchantments
    • Mortal Coil
    • Soul Siphon
    • Rot and Decay
    • Demonic Gateway
  • Update to Superior /cc
  • Dungeon Planet Reset
  • New Holiday Masks!
    • Black Friday Monopoly Mask
    • Turkey Mask
    • Pilgrim Mask
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys
  • /f roles
  • Player Specific /f roles
  • Randomized Mask Generator
  • Buffed Outpost Perks plus NEW Builds
  • KOTH Loot Updated
  • December /CC...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
Its the Most wonderful time of the year! In the spirit of giving, not only are we releasing the new December /cc, but we have a lot of gifts for those that have been asking and suggesting ideas on the forums and in the teamspeak!

December /CC
Improved Quests
Adjustments to /Mkit
Stacked Pots in /shop
to Silence
Obsidian Destroyer

December /CC
Grab your comfy pj's, your hot chocolate, and the most comfy blanket in your home and bundle up with the newest /cc on the Cosmic Store! Filled with goodies anyone...
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Greetings Cosmonauts!
Halfway through the holiday season and yet so many surprises waiting to be seen. I wonder what is coming next ... hmmmmm!
Randomized Mask Generator
Buffed Outpost Perks plus NEW builds
KOTH Loot Update
Player Specific /f roles
Mortal Coil Nerf
Stacked Potions Updated
Detonate Bypass Fix
Randomized Mask Generator
Available from KOTH the Randomized Mask Generator gives you a shot at ANY mask currently available on Cosmic! Which mask do you think you will get?

Buffed Outpost Perks plus NEW builds

Something we've all been waiting for! Trainee, Hero and Cosmonaut Outposts not only have new builds but brand new perks!


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Greetings Cosmonauts!

We're back with this week's Cosmic Community Update, bringing you the best Montages, Raids, Memes and any other quality content posted on CosmicPvP. This week we have a lot of raids, a lot of PvP and even a minerman getting SHIVA'd LIVE in the action.

This week I have chosen @Bustadrewster for the $20 Buycraft Coupon for his awesome raid on Wdym. Taking a faction that basically had buffer checks regular enough to be seen as unraidable by most people but to Busta that was just a challenge that he accepted. For your chance to win the coupon next week, all you have to do is submit content by dropping me a message and if your content gets featured you have a chance at winning!
All Da Loots

Thots Raid Wdym
They claimed it wasn't doable, they said "I'm fairly confident" "We have 15minute Checks 24/7". The man the myth......